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14 September 2021

Europol soll Evakuierte aus Kabul anstellen

An article in Netzpolitik looks at the EU's counter-terrorism action plan on Afghanistan, which was made public by Statewatch.

14 September 2021

Auditors: EU migrant return deals 'encourage' arrivals

An article in EUobserver looks at a report by the European Court of Auditors, and cites a document published by Statewatch.

21 July 2021

Brits wetsvoorstel: tot 14 jaar celstraf voor journalisten die vertrouwelijke overheidszaken onthullen

An article in Dutch newspaper de Volksrant examines the UK government's proposals on official secrets and "hostile state activity", citing Statewatch as an organisation that has tried to sound the alarm about the proposals.

16 July 2021

EU agency denies asylum seekers' rights, report says

China Daily cites a comment from Statewatch on the report of the European Parliament's Frontex Scurinty Group.

06 July 2021

Gilles de Kerchove erfindet „linksterroristische“ Gefahr

An article in Netzpolitik cites a piece published by Statewatch including two documents from the Council of the EU that propose taking "specific EU action against violent left-wing and anarchist extremism and terrorism".

15 June 2021

Priti Patel’s new threat to British journalists

An article in Declassified UK looks at the UK government's plans to amend the Official Secrets Act, including quotes from our Director Emeritus, Tony Bunyan.

09 June 2021

Refugee support organisation calls for donations after donor pulls out following Greek ‘criminalisation campaign’

An article in the Morning Star cites an official document published by Statewatch in an article on the criminalisation of NGOs in Greece.

02 June 2021

Workplace, public space: workers organising in the age of facial recognition

An article in Social Europe cites Statewatch's long-standing work on Europe's "security-industrial complex".

14 May 2021

L’Unione Europea punta tutto sui rimpatri

An article published by Open Migration cites a recent piece of ours on the EU's new voluntary return and reintegration strategy.

30 April 2021

La base de données biométriques du Sénégal facilite l’expulsion de l’UE

Senegalese website Futurs Media looks at how Senegal's national biometric database will facilitate expulsions, using documents and an analysis published by Statewatch.

29 April 2021

EU commission calls Frontex its new 'Return Agency'

An article in EUobserver on the EU's Voluntary Return and Reintegration Strategy cites a European Commission document that was recently published by Statewatch.

19 April 2021

Why EU needs to be wary that AI will increase racial profiling

An opinion piece in EUobserver cites a Statewatch article warning of the dangers of reproducing racist and other discriminatory biases by using "artificial intelligence" technologies in policing.

21 March 2021

EU-Staaten bremsen bei neuen Kompetenzen für Europol

An article for the Austrian news outlet, Radio FM4, refers to a document leaked by Statewatch about the expansion of Europol's powers. Some of these new competencies have encountered considerable resistance in the Council of Ministers.

10 February 2021

Frontex is een oncontroleerbaar beest geworden

An article in De Groene Amsterdammer refers to Statewatch's report Deportation Union to highlight the inflation of Frontex's powers, even as human rights are systematically ignored.

31 January 2021

Europa financió una 'máquina de la verdad' y prepara una base de datos con información biométrica de 400 millones de personas para proteger sus fronteras, pero no todos están de acuerdo

Business Insider provides a write-up of a panel 'New Police Surveillance Technologies: Combatting the Science Fiction Collectively – A Civil Society Perspective' at the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference, in which Statewatch participated.

21 January 2021

Frontex’s growing pains

An article in Politico recounts the problems facing Frontex, the EU's border agency - botched recruitment procedures, accusations of involvement in fundamental rights violations and allegations of harassment within the agency. The article cites an internal Council document published by Statewatch in 2020.

19 January 2021

E-Privacy-Verordnung: EU-Ratsspitze will breiteren Datenzugriff zulassen

An article in Heise cites a Council of the EU document published by Statewatch. The document - and the article - concern the Portuguese Council Presidency's attempts to breathe new life into negotiations on the e-Privacy Regulation.


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