29 June 2022

Deportations: EU to push for new readmission agreements "using all levers and incentives available"

Council Presidency progress report from 9 June focusses on “operationalisation of the external dimension, including as regards returns”; protection of the external borders; member state solidarity; and “more effective implementation of the Dublin rules”.

27 June 2022

EU police forces authorized to transmit DNA and fingerprint data to the UK from 30 June

EU member states’ police forces will be able to transmit DNA and fingerprint data to the UK from 30 June, as part of post-Brexit cooperation on the ‘Prüm’ network of police databases.

21 June 2022

EU: Tracking the Pact: Council mandate for negotiations with the Parliament on Eurodac

On 15 June the French Presidency of the Council transmitted to the COREPER (the Committee of Permanent Representatives) its proposed mandate for negotiations with the European Parliament on Eurodac, the database of asylum-seekers' fingerprints. The plan is to significantly expand the database by introducing new uses, new data categories, and lowering the age limit for inclusion.

20 June 2022

EU: Tracking the Pact: Council position on Screening Regulation to gut border monitoring proposal

The proposed Screening Regulation, part of the EU's Pact on Migration and Asylum announced in September 2020, will see most individuals who enter the EU in an irregular fashion detained at the borders with a view to their swift expulsion. On 15 June, the French Presidency of the Council circulated its proposed compromise text, which is likely to form the basis for negotiations with the European Parliament. We are making it available here, along with the preceding version of the text. It maintains plans to gut a proposed fundamental rights border monitoring mechanism of most of its substance.

20 June 2022

The fatal policies of Fortress Europe: nearly 50,000 documented deaths since 1993

The anti-racist group UNITED has documented 48,647 refugee and migrants deaths since 1993, detailed in an updated version of its list of deaths that is being published to coincide with World Refugee Day, 20 June.

20 June 2022

Ireland increases payment to Frontex by tens of thousands of euros to boost deportations

Ireland's participation in Frontex activities is governed by agreements that are renewed annually. A Frontex management board decision from March outlines Ireland’s participation in operations and activities for 2022. The payment to Frontex from Ireland is significantly larger than in previous years, particularly in the realm of returns.

20 June 2022

Death at the French-Italian border raises multiple concerns, says new report

Border Forensics, a new organisation conducting investigations into violence at borders, presented its first investigation on 30 May. It examines the death of Blessing Matthew, who was found on 9 May 2018 on the shore of La Durance river in the French Alps, caught in the lock at Prelles in the locality of Saint-Martin-de-Queurièr near Briançon.

16 June 2022

EU: Artificial Intelligence Act: consolidated version of the Presidency's compromise text

On 15 June the French Presidency of the Council circulated a consolidated compromise text of the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act, which aims to establish a legal framework for the development and deployment of "trustworthy" AI in the EU.

15 June 2022

EU: Further support for Ukrainian refugees and wounded soldiers up for discussion at Council meeting tomorrow

The efforts going into providing supporting for Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion are, of course, utterly vital - but very telling with regard to the double standards for refugees from different parts of the world.

15 June 2022

EU: Rule of law: nothing to see here, Hungarian government tells the Council

On 23 May the Council of the EU held a hearing with Hungary as part of the Article 7 procedure concerning the "clear risk of a serious breach" of the EU's founding values: human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights. The response from the Hungarian delegation? Don't worry about a thing.

15 June 2022

Europol: small steps on transparency, but many documents still under lock and key

Last year, Europol committed to a number of transparency measures in response to an Ombudsman decision in a case filed by Statewatch. In March this year, MEP Patrick Breyer followed up with questions on the agency’s fulfilment of these commitments. We publish Europol’s answers here.

14 June 2022

Frontex: Exchange of views leaves key questions hanging

The LIBE Committee Frontex Scrutiny Working Group (FSWG) held an exchange of views on Frontex’s activities in non-EU countries today, though certain questions by members were left conspicuously unanswered.

09 June 2022

Frontex not subject to human rights clause in mapping contract with Italian university

Last year protests broke out at Turin Polytechnic University when a professor denounced a contract between EU border agency Frontex and a consortium that included one of the university's departments. In response, a human rights clause was belatedly introduced into the two-year, four million euro contract - although Frontex denies having seen any such clause or other documents produced by the consortium.

09 June 2022

EU: Tracking the Pact: Externalisation instead of relocation as part of "voluntary solidarity mechanism"

The EU's Justice and Home Affairs Council, which is meeting today and tomorrow, looks set to adopt a "voluntary, simple and predictable solidarity mechanism" designed to reduce the "pressure" on southern EU states experiencing the arrival of substantial numbers of refugees. Relocation to other member states is described as "the preferred method of solidarity", but financial support for externalised migration control, border surveillance and other repressive measures would also be a possibility.

08 June 2022

European Commission must withdraw new law to uphold online privacy, security and free expression

Statewatch has joined 72 other civil society organisations and professional bodies to demand in an open letter that the European Commission withdraw the proposed Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Regulation, and replace it with an approach that upholds fundamental rights. The proposal would fundamentally undermine how the internet works, making it less safe for everyone.

08 June 2022

Frontex: big spending on aerial surveillance

UK, Austrian and Dutch aviation firms share in multimillion contract for maritime surveillance operations, including surveillance of the Channel.

07 June 2022

Frontex: "exchange of views" unlikely to give air time to fundamental rights

The 'Schengen Council', a discussion between home affairs ministers, will hold its first political exchange of views on Frontex on Friday 10 June. A preparatory document circulated by the Council Presidency emphasises Frontex's "indispensability", the importance of status agreements with non-EU countries, and asserts that Frontex will need to support member states to maintain public order in the face of "violent" attempts to cross borders.


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