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Statewatch has been systematically monitoring and documenting the development of EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) policy since 1991. SEMDOC seeks to increase public understanding and debate about JHA policy through the provision of comprehensive information about decision-making and legislation.

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Please note: SEMDOC does not currently include material covering the legislative period from April 2019 onwards.

JHA archive

Statewatch maintains an online archive of over 9,000 official documents that chart the development of EU Justice and Home Affairs Policy over three decades. The documents cover the period 1976 to 2000, from the establishment in 1976 of the 'TREVI' Group on 'Terrorism, Radicalisation and Extremist Violence' by the governments of the then six EEC member states; through the period of 'European Political Cooperation' during the 1980s; and the negotiations leading up to and period following the establishment of the Schengen and Maastricht Treaty frameworks, which set the parameters for Justice and Home Affairs cooperation throughout the 1990s.


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