No 24/13: Want to set up a website? The “Five Eyes” want your personal data (November 2013)

No 23/13: Quand la marine marchande seconde la police aux frontières : externalisation et soustraitance des contrôles migratoires dans le milieu maritime (Sanctions for stowaways: how merchant shipping joined the border police (September 2013)

No 22/13: Anti-politics and post-democracy in the European Union (August 2013)

No 21/13: UK: Collective punishment and pre-emptive policing in times of riot and resistance  (August 2013)

No 20/13: Golden Dawn and the deafening silence of Europe (August 2013)

No 19/13: Using the Italian crisis to impose control: a shift towards a fiscal surveillance state? (August 2013)

No 18/13: UK: Discipline and discontent: coalition government extends “slave labour” welfare policy (August 2013)

No 17/13: Austerity policies also cut rights and liberties in Spain (August 2013)

No 16/13: The use and misuse of telephone taps and communications data by Bulgarian intelligence (June 2013)

No 15/13: “If at first you don’t succeed”… European Commission proposes new rules on interception and disembarkation during Frontex sea operations (April 2013)

No 14/13: Secrecy reigns at the EU’s Intelligence Analysis Centre (April 2013)

No 13/13: Expulsion of Roma: the French government’s broken promise (April 2013)

No 12/13: Perfidious Albion: Cover-up and collusion in Northern Ireland (April 2013)

No 11/13: The second phase of the Common European Asylum System: A brave new world - or lipstick on a pig? (April 2013)

No 10/13: "Trust in Frontex”: The 2013 work programme (March 2013)

No 09/13: The rise of xenophobia and the migration crisis in Greece: The Council of Europe’s wake-up call: “Europe cannot afford to look away” (March 2013)

No 08/13: EU: Secretive Frontex Working Group seeks to increase surveillance of travellers (March 2013)

No 07/13: TESAT report shows decrease in terrorist activity in 2011 but national police forces see a continuing threat (March 2013)

No 06/13: The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility: the state of play (February 2013)

No 05/13: UK: The real “immigration debate” (February 2013)

No 04/13: Netherlands: Increased use of firearms by Dutch police (February 2013)

No 03/13: When dissent becomes subversion (February 2013)

No 02/13: Italy/ECtHR: “Pilot” judgement condemns Italy for inhuman and degrading treatment in overcrowded jails (February 2013)

No 01/13: How the EU works and justice and home affairs decision-making works (February 2013)


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