No 19/2002: Supplementary Agreement between Europol and United States, December 2002

No 18/2002: Revised proposed Directive on asylum procedures, November 2002

No 17/2002: EU: “safe and dignified”, voluntary or “forced” repatriation to “safe” third countries, November 2002

No 16/2002: The future of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, October 2002

No 15/2002: Proposals to amend the Europol Convention, October 2002

No 14/2002: The "war on freedom and democracy", an essay by Tony Bunyan, September 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 13/2002: Immigration and asylum in the EU after 11 September 2001, September 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 12/2002: Europol-USA exchange of personal data, November 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 11/2002: EU surveillance of communications to be "mandatory", August 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 10/2002: Secret EU-US agreement being negotiated, August 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 9/2002: Northern Ireland: Inside Castlereagh: Files stolen from Special Branch HQ, June 2002

No 8/2002: European Commission: EU Border Control Communication, May 2002

No 7/2002: Commission Communication on illegal immigration; Commission Green Paper on Return; EU Action Plan on Illegal Immigration, April 2002

No 6/2002: Commission White Paper on Governance, March 2002 (submission to European Commission, pdf file)

No 5/2002: Refugee status and susbidiary protection, March 2002

No 4/2002: EU terrorism situation report: "Anarchists are terrorists", February 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 2/2002: Asylum and "safeguarding national security" post 11 September, February 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 2/2002: US-EU Bush letter, February 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 1/2002: New EU measure on terrorism criminalises all refugees and asylum seekers, January 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

18 December 2002

Statewatch Submission: Supplementary Agreement between Europol and United States

(Council docs. 13689/02; 13689/02 add 1; and 13996/02)

02 October 2002

Statewatch submission to House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union: The EU Charter of Rights

The Charter should become part of the treaties, subject to a number of important clarifications made to its horizontal provisions as regards competence, limitation clauses, and rights other than those based on the EC/EU Treaties and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The European Union should also be granted competence to accede to the ECHR.

01 May 2002

Statewatch analysis: European Commission: EU Border Control Communication by Steve Peers

The Commission's recent Communication on border control (COM (2002) 233) sets out a number of proposals for developing common control of the EU's external borders. The principal elements in this plan are a 'common unit' of senior border control officials to control the implementation of a common border control policy; further exchange of information between a large number of authorities, including the Schengen Information System, the visa information database, police authorities and Europol; and the development of a Common European Border Corps with powers to check people at the border, deny them entry, board vessels and arrest individuals.


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