No 20/04: EU biometric visa policy unworkable (December 2004)

No 19/04: Vetoes, Opt-outs and EU Immigration and Asylum law (December 2004)

No 18/04: EU: Compulsory fingerprinting for all passports (October 2004)

No 17/04: Timetable: March 2004 EU Anti-Terrorist Declaration (September 2004)

No 16/04: EU divided over list of "safe countries of origin" - the list should be scrapped (September 2004)

No 15/04: UK: Stop and search continues to target black and Asian people (August 2004)

No 14/04: UK: Telephone tapping and mail-opening figures 1937-2003 (July 2004)

No 13/04: Killing me softly? “Improving access to durable solutions”: doublespeak and the dismantling of refugee protection in the EU (July 2004)

No 12/04: Implementing the Amsterdam Treaty: Cementing Fortress Europe (June 2004)

No 11/04: Vetoes, Opt-outs and EU Immigration and Asylum law (June 2004)

No 10/04: Norway: All charges dropped against Krekar (June 2004)

No 9/04: Timetable: EU Anti-Terrorist Declaration, 25 March 2004 (June 2004)

No 8/04: Data retention comes to roost - telephone and internet privacy to be abolished (April 2004)

No 7/04: “Scoreboard” on post-Madrid counter-terrorism plans (March 2004)

No 6/04: Briefing on the European Evidence Warrant to the European Parliament (March 2004)

No 5/04: European Commission publishes Action Plan on terrorism (and crime) (March 2004)

No 4/04: The road to "1984" Part 2: EU: Everyone will have to have their fingerprints taken to get a passport (February 2004)

No 3/04: Italy: New drugs law heralds the mass criminalisation of drug users (Feburary 2004)

No 2/04: UK Anti-terrorist stop & searches target Muslim communities, but few arrests (January 2004)

No 1/04: UK: Britain's Patriot Act (January 2004)

30 April 2004

Implementing the Amsterdam Treaty: Cementing Fortress Europe

The five year deadline for agreement on the common EU immigration and asylum policy expired on 1 May 2004. This article examines the key decisions, how they were taken and what they will mean for asylum-seekers.


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