No 1: The Proposed EU Returns Directive (January 2008)

No 2: UK: Interception figures and background: 1937-2007 (February 2008; updated September 2008));

No 3: Germany: Second generation migrants (March 2008);

No 4: EU-SIS: Schengen Infornation System Article 99 report (February 2008)

No 5: Supplementary Analysis on the Returns Directive (March 2008);

No 6: "White man's burden": criminalising free speech (April 2008);

No 7: Policing protests in Switzerland, Italy and Germany (March 2008)

No 8: Protests: Proposal to create EU-wide "troublemakers" database (April 2008);

No 9: Commission proposals to amend the Regulation on access to EU documents (April 2008);

No 10: The proposed changes to the Regulation on access to EU documents (April 2008);

No 11: Updated Analysis: The Returns Directive (June 2008);

No 12: Proposal on access to documents: Article-by-Article commentary (June, 2008);

No 13: Changing the institutional framework for EU Justice and Home Affairs law without the Lisbon Treaty (July 2008);

No 14: EU: The surveillance of travel where everyone is a suspect (August 2008)

No 15: EU implementation of UN Security Council's 'terrorist list' breaches fundamental rights (September 2008);

No 16: "The Shape of Things to Come" - the EU Future Group (September 2008)

No 17: FOI in the EU: When is a "document" not a "document"? (September 2008);

No 18: EU-PNR scheme being re-written by the Council (October 2008);

No 19: Proposals for greater openness, transparency and democracy in the EU (October 2008);

No 20: The UK proposals on EU free movement law: an attack on the rule of law and EU fundamental freedoms (November 2008)

No 21: The EU's JHA agenda for 2009 (December 2008)


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