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UK: Civil liberties legislation
This page provides links to the full text of Acts of Parliament (laws) in the UK of relevance in our fields.


Immigration Act 2014
Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014


Crime and Courts Act 2013
Justice and Security Act 2013

European Union (Approvals) Act 2013


Police (Complaints and Conduct) Act 2012
European Union (Approval of Treaty Amendment Decision) Act 2012
Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012
Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims (Amendment) Act 2012


Police (Detention and Bail) Act 2011
Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011
Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011


Crime and Security Act 2010
Terrorist Asset-Freezing (Temporary Provisions) Act 2010

Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc. Act 2010


Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009
Policing and Crime Act 2009
Coroners and Justice Act 2009


Counter Terrorism Act 2008
Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Act 2008

Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008


Serious Crime Act 2007
UK Border Act 2007


Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006

Police and Justice Act 2006
Identity Card Act 2006
Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006
Terrorism Act 2006


Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2005

Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Act 2005
Inquiries Act 2005
International Organisations Act 2005

Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005


Children Act 2004
Justice (Northern Ireland) Act 2004
Civil Contingencies Act 2004
Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004
Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc.) Act 2004

Justice (Northern Ireland) Act 2004


Criminal Justice Act 2003
Crime (International Cooperation) Act 2003
Extradition Act 2003
Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003
Court Act 2003

Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Act 2003
Northern Ireland Assembly (Elections and Periods of Suspension) Act 2003
Northern Ireland (Monitoring Commission etc.) Act 2003
Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2003


Football Disorder Amendment Act 2002
Justice (Northern Ireland) 2002
Police Reform Act 2002
Proceeds of Crime Act 2002


Anti-terrorism, crime and security Act 2001
Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001

International Criminal Court Act 2001
Private Security Industry Act 2001


Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000

Football Disorder Act 2000
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Police Northern Ireland Act 2000
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
Terrorism Act 2000


Access to Justice Act 1999
Football (Offences and Disorder) Act 1999
Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999


Crime and Disorder Act 1998

Criminal Justice (International Cooperation) (Amendment) Act 1998
Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy) Act 1998
Data Protection Act 1998
Human Rights Act 1998
Landmines Act 1998
Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Act 1998
Northern Ireland (Sentencing) Act 1998
Police (Northern Ireland) Act 1998
Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998
Public Processions (Northern Ireland) Act 1998
Wireless Telegraphy Act 1998


British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1997
Civil Procedures Act 1997
Criminal Evidence (Amendment) Act 1997
Crime and Punishment (Scotland) Act 1997
Crime Sentences Act 1997
Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997
Firearms (Amendment No 2) Act 1997
Justice of the Peace Act 1997
Northern Ireland Decommissioning Act 1997
Sexual Offenders Act 1997
Special Immigration Appeals Commission Act 1997
Police Act 1997


Asylum and Immigration Act 1996
Criminal Investigation and Procedures Act 1996
Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Act 1996
Prevention of Terrorism (Additional Powers) Act 1996
Police Act 1996
Public Order (Amendment) Act 1996
Reserve Forces Act 1996
Security Services Act 1996


Criminal Appeal Act 1995
Geneva Convention (Amendment) Act 1995
Northern Ireland (Remission of Sentences) Act 1995
Proceeds of Crime Act 1995


Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
Drug Trafficking Act 1994
European Union (Accessions) Act 1994
Intelligence Services Act 1994
Police and Magistrates Court Act 1994
Race Relations (Remedies) Act 1994
Transport Police (Jurisdiction) Act 1994


Asylum and Immigration Appeals Act 1993
Criminal Justice Act 1993
European Communities (Amendment) Act 1993
Sexual Offences Act 1993


Firearms (Amendment) Act 1992
Prison Security Act 1992


Criminal Justice Act 1991
Football (Offences) Act 1991
War Crimes Act 1991


Computer Misuse Act 1990


Extradition Act 1989
Football Spectators Act 1989
Official Secrets Act 1989
Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1989
Security Service Act 1989


Criminal Justice Act 1988
Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988
Immigration Act 1988
Legal Aid Act 1988

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