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This site has been launched, in cooperation with Privacy International, to bring together a number of disturbing developments in Europe. They have a global importance and are being developed by international fora, eg: G8 and ILETS (International Law Enforcement Telecommunications Seminar).

Updates: latest update 21.11.01)

European Parliament and EU governments on a collision course
over the retention of data (telecommunications surveillance), text of Council's position: Report (21.11.01)

EU Forum on cybercrime: Discussion Paper for Expert’s Meeting on Retention of Traffic Data, 6 November 2001. An informal Working Paper prepared by the Commission services: EU Forum on cybercrime

UK plans for the retention of data for 12 months: Report (19.11.01)
- UK to introduce data retention for 12 months under "voluntary code"
- Power to introduce mandatory retention available too
- UK derogates from 1997 EU Directive on privacy and pre-empts EU decision on data surveillance

Interception of telecommunications in the EU:
Update (2.11.01)
- US calls for EU data protection to be ditched
- Council Legal Services says governments already have powers to combat terrorism
- European Parliament committee re-affirms its report on new directive

EU governments want the retention of all telecommunications data for general use by law enforcement agencies under terrorism plan: Report

- governments want to use new terrorism measures to put all communications under surveillance
- governments demanding that EU data protection and privacy laws be "revised" to allow for retention
- Statewatch report on "Data protection and data retention in the EU?"

EU plans to combat terrorism: definition of "terrorism" to cover groups with the aim of "seriously altering... the political, economic or social structure" of one or more countries and their institutions and includes "urban violence": Report and documents

Surveillance: The surveillance of telecommunications in Europe (the EU-FBI plan)
Statewatch report
Data retention introduced in UK and USA
: Report  (19.9.01)

Guardian coverage
G8 & ILETS discussions
Government comments
G8 Conference on High-Tec Crime, 22-24 May 2001, Tokyo
Report shows UK, France and Belgium are planning 12 months communications data retention
Adoption of ENFOPOL 29 ("ENFOPOL 98") delayed

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