EU-FBI telecommunications surveillance system

The EU-FBI telecommunications surveillance system is developing apace through two separate, but intrinsically intertwined, initiatives (see Statewatch, vol 7 no 1 & 4 & 5; vol 8 nos 5 & 6, vol 9 no 6). First, the EU Council of Ministers (the 15 EU governments) has before it a new draft Council Resolution to extend the 1995 "Requirements" Resolution to cover "new technologies" - the Internet and satellite-based telecommunications. Second, the Council has agreed (May 2000) a formula to provide a legal base for "remote" access to the Iridium satellite "ground station" in Italy - through new clauses in the Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in criminal matters. This Convention will provide the legal framework for the interception of all forms of telecommunications in the EU required to put into effect the EU-FBI surveillance system.

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