Vol 17(1): January-March 2007


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EU/US security “channel" - a one-way street?

UK-Jordan: SIAC’s Abu Qatada ruling threatens ban on torture

UK: DNA database - “citizens or suspects?”

Germany: Asylum-seekers drop

UK: Forced mass deportations to Iraq - a betrayal of the Kurds

UK: Riot at Campsfield

Germany: Courts strengthen asylum seekers social security rights

UK: No compensation for innocent Algerian detained for 5 months

Germany: Teacher wins appeal against political ban

France: Magistrate found guilty for alleging indiscriminate stop-and-search based on racial profiling

EU: EUFOR reorganises in Bosnia

EU: Defence coordination

UK: Police beating claims of brutality

UK: “Disgust” at Menezes officer’s promotion

Italy: Investigation into abuses by civilian “volunteers”

UK: Ower’s report shows prisons lurching from crisis to crisis

UK: Prison doesn’t work

UK: Corston review - womens’ prisons

EU: Formation of Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty

UK: BNP election candidate stockpiled explosives for “race” war

Features and analyses

Switzerland’s contradictory extradition rulings

Germany: Common database links secret service and the police

Deportation class a reality with Austrian business plan

UK Information Commissioner: “Surveillance sciety” a reality

Northern Ireland: The death in custody of Roseanne Irvine


Download the journal in pdf format

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