Immigration and asylum in Europe

13-26 October 2020


  • UK: Channel asylum seekers face "a Dover to Deportation pipeline" with no legal advice or support
  • EU: Greece draws up requirements for member state militaries' role in border control
  • EU: Tracking the Pact: Reinforced cooperation against migrant smuggling with Balkan and African "partners"
  • EU: Frontex on cooperation with Libya: nothing to see here

29 September - 12 October 2020


  • Greece: On Lesvos, migrants and their supporters continue to suffer at the hands of the authorities
  • EU: Deportations to Afghanistan: member states want to simplify expulsion of "vulnerable groups"
  • UK considers imitating Australia's brutal off-shoring of asylum seekers
  • EU: Advice of Frontex Consultative Forum on Fundamental Rights still falls on deaf ears
  • EU: Tracking the Pact: Secret documents on reception conditions and qualification for international protection

25 August-28 September 2020


  • Frontex: No human rights monitoring of 20% of flights; "standing corps" recruitment continues; revamped complaints mechanism shrouded in secrecy
  • The new "pact" on migration and asylum - documentation, context and reactions
  • Moria: Lack of support for those left without shelter; call for immediate evacuation
  • EU: German Presidency: how can Frontex help deport unaccompanied children?

4-24 August 2020


  • German naval deployments sit back and watch illegal deportations by the Greek authorities
  • EU’s planned ‘deportation machine’: expensive, dangerous and lacking in transparency and accountability measures
  • Spain introduces new Guardia Civil unit, reinforcing the militarisation of the southern border
  • The legal battle to hold the EU to account for Libya migrant abuses
  • After six long years, no justice for border deaths and pushbacks to Morocco from Spain

14 July-3 August 2020


  • Court judgment confirms that Slovenia and Croatia committed "chain pushbacks"
  • Pull-backs by the Libyan Coast Guard: complaint filed with UN Human Rights Committee
  • Borders, budgets and beyond: LIBE report sheds light on Frontex’s priorities for implementing its new mandate
  • EU support for "migration management" in the Western Balkans squarely focused on control measures
  • Greece: New Legal Centre Lesvos report details collective expulsions in the Aegean Sea

30 June-13 July 2020


  • Greece: Criminal charges pressed against the asylum seekers who arrived in Lesvos in March 2020
  • State of emergency declared on Mediterranean rescue ship
  • Denmark may return Syria refugees as Damascus area deemed 'safe'

9-29 June 2020

  • Hundreds of NGOs and individuals call for the revocation of Libya's maritime search and rescue zone
  • Remote control: the EU-Libya collaboration in mass interceptions of migrants in the Central Mediterranean
  • Greece: Only 18 of 40 NGOs working in migrant and refugee centres apply for registration
  • Digital technologies and borders: Joint submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism
  • EU 'covered up' Croatia's failure to protect migrants from border brutality

26 May-8 June 2020

  • EU-Libya collaboration - pull-backs by remote control
  • Hostility towards migrants and those working to support them continues as state policy on Lesvos
  • Immediate action needed to disembark migrants held on ships off Malta's coast
  • Analysis: Partial relief: migrant regularisations during the COVID-10 pandemic


12-25 May 2020

  • New analysis: reinforcement of Frontex runs into legal problems
  • Greece: Tents at Sea: How Greek Officials Use Rescue Equipment for Illegal Deportations
  • EU-Turkey: 369 Syrians deported to Turkey through EU fund for refugees
  • Hungary: No more transit zones, now asylum seekers will have to apply abroad
  • Risk of repression: New rules on civil society supporting refugees and migrants in Greece


21 April-11 May 2020

  • Council considers action on "non-removable" irregular migrants
  • Analysis: Rights denied during Greek asylum procedure suspension
  • Refugees and European human rights law: Expelled from Humanity
  • Analysis: As the fiction of a Libyan search and rescue zone begins to crumble, EU states use the coronavirus pandemic to declare themselves unsafe
  • Leaving people behind - Proposals for the reorganisation of the Common European Asylum System


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