29 October-18 November 2019

  • New report: What the EU's Regulations on Interoperability Mean for People with Irregular Status
  • Refugee chaperones are accessories to traffickers, German court rules
  • New Greek deportation law approved; Italy renews cooperation with Libya
  • Croatia: violence at the border no barrier to Schengen accession
  • Exposed: Malta’s secret migrant deal with Libya
18 November 2019

New report: Data Protection, Immigration Enforcement and Fundamental Rights: What the EU's Regulations on Interoperability Mean for People with Irregular Status

A new report published by Statewatch and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) explains the EU's new rules on interoperable information systems and databases and examines the potential implications for people in an irregular migration situation.

18 November 2019

The West’s Obsession With Border Security Is Breeding Instability

"An obsession with protecting the border—and with escalating the fight against migration—is actually an ideological choice that sets up a dangerous game."

18 November 2019

The Atlas of Migration in Europe: A Critical Geography of Migration Policies (1)

The Migreurop network, of which Statewatch is a member, has published a new edition of The Atlas of Migration in Europe, a book which "follows the journeys of those fleeing war, poverty or political crises, risking their lives as they attempt to find sanctuary in Europe."

18 November 2019

Asylum-seekers in Greece, Italy hotspots face ‘years of limbo’

"Asylum-seekers crowded into “hotspots” in Greece and Italy face limbo that can drag on for years because of legal bottlenecks and poorly performing EU schemes, a report said Wednesday."

15 November 2019

Situation of migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A briefing by the European Parliament Research Service.

15 November 2019

Refugee chaperones are accessories to traffickers, German court rules

"A refugee who was told by a smuggler to look after several women and children during the perilous journey to Europe also committed a crime, the court ruled. "The defendant is both victim and perpetrator," the judge said."

15 November 2019

‘Welcome to Europe. Now Go Home.’

"The overcrowded Moria refugee camp in Greece is where Europe’s ideals—solidarity, human rights, a haven for victims of war and violence—dissolve in a tangle of bureaucracy, indifference, and lack of political will."

15 November 2019

Dear President Macron, being a migrant is not a crime

A letter from the former Lord Mayor of Sheffield to President Emmanuel Macron.

14 November 2019

Greece illegally deported 60,000 migrants to Turkey

"Greece illegally deported 60,000 migrants to Turkey, documents released by Turkey reportedly show. The process involves returning asylum seekers without assessing their status."

14 November 2019

Greek islands: Aegean Boat report: 4 -10 November 2019

The latest update on migration to the Greek islands.

14 November 2019

AYS Digest 9–10/11/19: Bosnian police now beats and robs people, too

Abused in a Bosnian police station: “they even took my asthma inhaler”

13 November 2019

Exposed: Malta’s secret migrant deal with Libya

Office of the Prime Minister official Neville Gafà acted as intermediary in deal

13 November 2019

Europe’s Unauthorized Immigrant Population Peaks in 2016, Then Levels Off

A study by Pew Research Centre estimates that the number of "unauthorized immigrants" in the EU has levelled off in recent years.

12 November 2019

Belgian asylum centre set on fire

"During the night of 10 November a planned asylum centre in the city of Bilzen, in the Belgian province of Limburg, was set on fire."

12 November 2019

Erdogan: refugees will enter Europe unless EU does more

"Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again used the millions of refugees hosted in the country as a bargaining chip against the European Union."

12 November 2019

Shots fired at sea rescuers: EU supports competing militias in Libya

"A German public prosecutor’s office is investigating the shooting of the ship "Alan Kurdi". Its crew could be caught between the fronts of two coastguards equipped and trained by different EU missions."


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