General report 2017


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General report 2017 (pdf)


Foreword to the Annual activity report 2017
Mission statement

1.1.The situation at the external borders in 2017
1.2.Developments at policy level
1.2.1.Interoperability and information systems
1.3.New mandate of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency

2.Strategic action areas
2.1.Joint operations and pilot projects at the external borders
2.1.2.European cooperation on coast guard functions
2.1.3.The expansion of Frontex’s activities with the new EU policy cycle/European Multidisciplinary Platform against Criminal Threats 2018-2021
2.2.Return-support activities
2.2.1.Return operations
2.2.2.Pre-return activities
2.3.Risk analysis and vulnerability assessment
2.4.Management of pooled resources
2.6.Research and innovation
2.7.and 2.8. Eurosur and situation monitoring
2.7.1.Eurosur Fusion Services
2.7.2.Eurosur Fusion Services real-time surveillance
2.8.Situation monitoring.
2.8.1.Situation monitoring
2.9.International and European cooperation
2.9.1.Cooperation with third countries, including through technical-assistance projects
2.9.2.Cooperation with EU entities and international organisations
2.9.3.Development of the Frontex liaison officers’ network

2.10.Communication (information and transparency, Press Office)
2.11.Fundamental rights and data protection
2.11.1.Data protection
2.12.Corporate governance
2.12.1.Human resources and security
2.12.2.Information and communication technology
2.12.3.Legal affairs

3.Key results and progress towards the achievement of general and specific objectives of Frontex
3.1.Keyperformance indicators
3.2.Key conclusions on management and internal control

4.Budgetary and financial management
4.1.Implementation of appropriations
4.2.Information on transfers and amending budgets
4.3.Implementation of appropriations from 2016 carried forward to 2017
4.4.Procurement procedures
4.5.Late payments interest paid to suppliers
4.6.Ad hoc grants and delegation agreements
4.7.Human resources management
4.7.1.Human resources developments
4.7.3.Staff development and training
4.7.4.Job screening
4.8.Assessment by management
4.8.1.Ex antecontrols
4.8.2.Ex postcontrols

5.Management and internal control
5.1.Control results
5.1.1.Internal control assessments
5.1.2.Action plan for improvement areas to be implemented in 2017
5.1.3.Register of exceptions overview of 2017
5.1.4.Risk assessments
5.1.5.Other internal or external developments concerning Frontex that are relevant to the assessment of corporate risks
5.1.6.Conclusion of the Headquarters Agreement
5.1.7.Ex postcontrols
5.2.Audit observations and recommendations
5.2.1.The European Court of Auditors
5.2.2.The discharge authority’s (European Parliament) observations and measures taken by Frontex
5.2.3.Audits Internal Audit Service
5.3.Assessment of the effectiveness of the internal control system
5.4.Conclusions as regards assurance

6.Declaration of assurance 

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