EU: Restricted document highlights plans for ongoing EU interventions in Libya

The EU's plans to re-establish functioning government institutions in Libya and to halt the flow of people across the Mediterranean are outlined in a restricted document currently being discussed by officials in Brussels.

The detailed Strategic Review on EUBAM Libya, EUNAVFOR MED Op Sophia & EU Liaison and Planning Cell (9202/17, 15 May 2017, RESTREINT/RESTRICTED, pdf), produced by the European External Action Service, proposes extending until December 2018 the Mediterranean military mission EUNAVFOR MED/Operation Sophia, the EU Border Assistance Mission Libya (EUBAM Libya) and the work of the EU Planning and Liaison Cell (EUPLC), based in Brussels.

The report's recommendations were approved by the Council's Committee on Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CivCom) and Politico-Military Group (PMG) on 28 June: see Joint CivCom Advice and PMG Recommendations on Strategic Review on EUBAM Libya, EUNAVFOR MED OP Sophia & EU Liaison and Planning Cell (10714/17, 29 June 2017, LIMITE, pdf).

They will be discussed by the Council's Political and Security Committee tomorrow (link to pdf). The proposals will ultimately need to be approved by the Justice and Home Affairs Council, which is not due to meet again until September (Council of the EU, link).

Statewatch has produced summary of some of the key points from the EEAS report. See: Summary: Restricted document outlines official proposals and recommendations for future EU actions in Libya (pdf).


1. Key recommendations and proposals

2. Purpose of the review

3. General information

a. On the Libyan coastguard(s)
b. The EU's interests and activities extend far beyond Libya

4. EUNAVFOR MED/Operation Sophia

a. What effect has the seizure and destruction of smugglers' boats had?
b. Training of the Libyan coastguard
c. The future of EUNAVFOR MED: intervention in Libyan waters?
d. Redefining "migrant smuggling and trafficking" as a crime against humanity
e. Keeping the EU's public image well-polished
f. Proposal for the future of EUNAVFOR MED/Operation Sophia

5. EU Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) Libya

a. Border management
b. Law enforcement
c. Criminal justice
d. Challenges to the mission and possible future activities
e. Recommendations for the future

6. EU Planning and Liaison Cell (EUPLC)


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