Vol 4(5): September-October 1994


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Sweden: Blanket deportations
Norway: Asylum seeker forcibly injected
UK: Church pleads for amnesty
EU: EEA Order in force
Germany: 25 deportees died
France: Battle lines drawn
Netherlands: Border crossing checks
UK: Assault on IRA prisoners
UK: Group 4 to run Buckley Hall
UK: More west Midlands police corruption
UK: Operation Jackpot: cover-up alleged
UK: Silcott detectives cleared
UK: 'Walking with a purpose’
UK: Police attack Criminal Justice Bill rally
UK: Gay men harassed by parks police
UK: Recorded racial 'incidents’
Germany: Police racism
France: Amnesty condemns police actions
Switzerland: New law on 'organised crime’
Netherlands: Homes 'bugged', journalists raided
Netherlands: Raids on journalist collective
EU: False police data challenged
EU: Court given wrong information
UK: Paras escape war crimes charges
UK: BNF plutonium used in US tests
Germany: Berlin 7
UK: BNP headquarters to close?
UK: Refugees attacked
UK: C18 step up attacks in the north
France: Ban on Muslim hijab
EU: Commission visa proposal
EU: Secrecy case: Council defends its practice
EU: Council of Justice & Interior Ministers
EU: Berlin Declaration
EU: What is a parliament?
EU: Consulting parliament
Poland: Official secret law
Germany: Nuclear ploy?
Turkey: Death sentences demanded for Kurdish MPs
Netherlands: Chipcards opposed
Northern Ireland: PTA: mixed news
Northern Ireland: Coroner gives up
Northern Ireland: Review: Bear in mind these dead: an index of deaths from the conflict in Ireland 1969-1993
UK: New lines of tapping
EU: ECHR rules on right to silence
UK: Judges


Extradition of James Joseph Smyth
Europol: Update on the draft Convention
Nothern Ireland: Costing the peace
UK: Identity cards

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