Vol 2(4): July-August 1992

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Holland: The death of Mrs Jojo Muluta - a Zaïrese asylum seeker
UK: External Borders Convention
UK: New picketing code
UK: Right to silence
UK: Death penalty
Europe: Post Cold War defence changes
Belgium: Gladio enquiries
Switzerland: political policing
UK: MI5's annual report
UK: Cabinet Committees
UK: MI6: accountable or secret?
Racist attacks in Germany
Book review: Blood on the streets
UK: Police suspended in Hackney
UK: Justice for Ivan Fergus campaign
France: immigration figures
EU: EC secrets law
UK: ID cards and new police powers?
UK secrets law for Hong Kong
UK: Orville Blackwood campaign
Northern Ireland: The Casement Park trials
Northern Ireland: Presidential Pardon
Northern Ireland: `Shoot-to-kill' inquest
Northern Ireland: The Parachute Regiment
Northern Ireland: Complaints against the RUC


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