Prisons and Prisoners in Europe in Pandemic Times

Two reports produced for the Council of Europe that look at the effects of the pandemic, and measures taken to control it, on prisons and prisoners.

"During the month of March 2020, most European countries introduced lockdowns of their populations to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such measures can have an impact on the extent of crime and, indirectly, on the size of prison populations.

In order to measure the side-effects of the pandemic on the prison populations in the Council of Europe member states, the Council of Europe and the University of Lausanne launched the SPACE I – COVID-19 project. This project is part of the initiatives launched by the Council of Europe to follow closely the effects of the pandemic on prisons, inmates and probationers across Europe."

The project has so far produced two reports:

This report looks at changes in the prison population in the period 1 January-15 April 2020, thus taking into account the first month (more-or-less) of Europe's first lockdowns. It attempts to measure the effect of anti-pandemic measures on prison populations.

The second report produced for the project looks at trends in Europe's prison population across the first nine months of 2020.


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