12-25 May 2020

<ul> <li>New analysis: reinforcement of Frontex runs into legal problems</li> <li>Greece: Tents at Sea: How Greek Officials Use Rescue Equipment for Illegal Deportations</li> <li>EU-Turkey: 369 Syrians deported to Turkey through EU fund for refugees</li> <li>Hungary: No more transit zones, now asylum seekers will have to apply abroad</li> <li>Risk of repression: New rules on civil society supporting refugees and migrants in Greece</li> </ul> <p> </p>

21 April-11 May 2020

<ul> <li>Council considers action on "non-removable" irregular migrants</li> <li>Analysis: Rights denied during Greek asylum procedure suspension</li> <li>Refugees and European human rights law: Expelled from Humanity</li> <li>Analysis: As the fiction of a Libyan search and rescue zone begins to crumble, EU states use the coronavirus pandemic to declare themselves unsafe</li> <li>Leaving people behind - Proposals for the reorganisation of the Common European Asylum System</li> </ul>

17-23 March 2020

<ul> <li>Anti-migration cooperation between the EU, Italy and Libya: some truths</li> <li>Erdogan in talks with European leaders over refugee cash for Turkey</li> <li>COVID-19: No one is safe until All are protected!</li> </ul>

10-16 March 2020

<ul> <li>Little new on migration in Commission's plan for a "comprehensive strategy with Africa"</li> <li>More calls for EU and Greece to uphold international law and refugee rights</li> <li>Turkey steps back from confrontation at Greek border</li> <li>Border externalisation: agreements on Frontex ops in Serbia and Montenegro head for approval</li> </ul>

3-9 March 2020

<ul> <li>Open letters, joint statements, responses to the situation at the Greek-Turkish border</li> <li>Danish boat in Aegean refused order to push back rescued migrants</li> <li>EU governments ‘harassing’ those who help migrants</li> </ul>

25 February-2 March 2020

<ul> <li>Greece: Situation for migrants and refugees goes from bad to worse</li> <li>Frontex wants to disembark refugees in Senegal</li> <li>Council Presidency and EU agencies want biometric databases for migrants and refugees in the Western Balkans</li> </ul>

4-24 February 2020

<ul> <li>European court under fire for backing Spain's express deportations</li> <li>Frontex’s History of Handling Abuse Evidence Dogs Balkan Expansion</li> <li>Italy’s Failed Migration Fix Has Led to Chaos in Libya</li> </ul>

21 January-3 February 2020

<ul> <li>EU aid increasingly taken hostage by migration politics</li> <li>New yearly report on torture of asylum seekers by Croatian authorities at EU external borders</li> <li>Death of a ten-year-old child in Roissy: another victim of European migration policies?</li> <li>Italy guilty of refoulements in 2009 handover of Eritrean shipwreck survivors to Libya</li> </ul>

14-20 January 2020

<ul> <li>Danish asylum centre slammed in anti-torture report</li> <li>Greece: Migrants face increasingly harsh conditions</li> <li>Dozens of German cities petition to take in more refugees</li> </ul>

17 December 2019-13 January 2020

<ul> <li>How Forced Labor in Eritrea Is Linked to E.U.-Funded Projects</li> <li>Libya militias rake in millions in European migration funds: AP</li> <li>Complaint filed with UN body over Italy’s role in privatised push-backs to Libya resulting in migrant abuse</li> <li>Migrant arrivals from Turkey to Europe nearly double in 2019</li> </ul>


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