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Access to documents in the EU is not a "gift" from on high to be packaged, sanitised
and manipulated, it is a "right" which is fundamental in a democracy."
- Tony Bunyan, Deirdre Curtin and Aidan White, Introduction to "Essays for an Open Europe"

The "Call for an Open Europe" was launched by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and Statewatch in 2000 as part of the campaign for openness during the negotiations on the Regulation on public access to EU documents.

It was lauched in conjunction with "Essays for an Open Europe" and "a code for civil society"

The Call remains open and you are encouraged to sign-up below and show your support for the ongoing campaign for full freedom of information in the European Union.

Italiano: Appello per "un'Europa aperta" Deutsch: Appell für ein "Offenes Europa"

Supporters of Statewatch's work on access to EU documents

I/We support the call to EU institutions for a democratic and accountable "Open Europe" on access to documents - see who has already signed up

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