Extreme cases

As the use of orders has increased, courts have become bolder and more inventive with regard to tailoring them around an individual's case. Many of these prohibitions are absurd simply because the act liable to land them a prison term is so clearly not of a criminal nature.

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Examples of ASBOs used in extreme cases

Doug Collier - A 74-year-old man given an order in a case that well illustrates the one-sided nature of the ASBO application process and the potential for their vindictive misuse (August 2010)

Patricia Greene - A 78-year-old woman banned from contacting the police "unless there is a genuine emergency" breached the order within 24 hours (June 2010)

Christopher Lehane - Banned from 'mooning' in public (June 2010)

Ellis Drummond - The Crown Prosecution Service were forced to remove clauses in Drummond's ASBO that would have banned him from wearing his trousers too low on his waist, and wearing any hooded clothing "with the hood up", after a judge ruled that they would breach his human rights. District Judge Nicholas Leigh-Smith said: “Some of the requirements proposed struck me as contrary to the Human Rights Act” (May 2010)

Barry Docherty - Faces jail if found in possession of a mobile phone or sim card (May 2010)

Harry Taylor - An atheist banned from carrying "religiously offensive" material in a public place (April 2010)

Samuel Kilpatrick - A 17-year-old banned from swearing (April 2010)

Alan Brown - Breached the terms of his ASBO which stipulate that he cannot eat in any culinary establishment in England and Wales without having paid for his food in advance (March 2010)

Derby freerunners - Freerunning is an emerging sport that incorporates elements of parkour and involves the performance of acrobatic movements in urban spaces. Those practicing the sport in Derby have been sent threatening letters by the local community safety officer warning them that their actions are causing "alarm and distress" (March 2010)

Fife homeowner - According to the BBC a man in Fife has been banned from having more than three guests in his home at any one time, and from shouting or swearing within the premises (February 2010)

Daniel Fletcher - Banned from touching cars and being in the possession of marbles or any other tool that could be used to interfere with a vehicle (January 2010)

Simon Frodsham - Having been given his first ASBO in 2003, the cost to the taxpayer of prosecuting and incarcerating him over the last seven years is an estimated £1 million. His latest arrest came for walking into a library and reading a book (December 2009)

Arsenal limo drivers - Islington council has decided to issue ASBOs to chauffeur drivers who wait in nearby streets with their car engines running during Arsenal football games (December 2009)

Szilard Szlavec - A 30-year-old man who attempted to film up women's skirts banned from carrying or using a camera in public for two years (November 2009)

Darren Bingham - Banned from knocking on front doors without the owner's permission (November 2009)

Derby car clampers - A Labour councillor's attempt to get Derby city council to issue ASBOs to car clampers was unsuccessful (November 2009)

Martina Rabess - Given an ASBO for praying loudly in the common areas of her block of flats (October 2009)

Piroska Zsapka - A 76-year-old given an order for shouting at people who park outside her bungalow (October 2009)

Robin Shipman - A dog owner given an ASBO for failing to control his dogs. He can now be jailed if he walks more than four of them at the same time or allows more than two off the leash (October 2009)

Kieran O’Sullivan - Banned from every roof top in London after installing illegal pirate radio equipment on a tower block in Camden (September 2009)

Maidenhead car clampers - Maidenhead council unanimously agreed to introduce ASBOs for car clampers (September 2009)

Paul Lloyd - Given an ASBO for playing loud music (September 2009)

Frederick Amery - A 74-year-old banned from speaking to anyone under the age of 18 (September 2009)

Windsor car clampers - In a case that clearly illustrates how widely ASBOs are being used, the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead has voted to start issuing Anti Social Behaviour Orders to car clampers to prevent the area's reputation as a tourist destination being damaged (September 2009)

James Ryan & Andrew Stevens - Buskers who only knew two songs given an ASBO (August 2009)

Jean Robinson - Breached her order by sheltering from the rain two metres inside a shopping centre she is banned from (August 2009)

Edward Harris - A 76-year-old who suffers from severe arthritis threatened with "anti-social behaviour action" by Bournemouth council for allegedly slamming doors in his house (August 2009)

Juan Cumia - A 50-year-old who uploaded video clips of his neighbours to myspace, youtube and tinypic websites as part of an ongoing dispute given an order banning him from "uploading or encouraging any person to upload to the internet any electronic files containing images or words likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress." Cumia argued that he uploaded the footage because it "shows racist abuse and indecent exposure by neighbours against me and my family...Even though some of the neighbours admitted to the offence of racially aggravated fear of violence in 2006, the abuse against us has continued until now and indeed, still continues." He was charged with breaching his order later in the month for uploading a statement to his blog. He was given a tagged curfew lasting six weeks, requiring him to be indoors between the hours of 9pm and 6am (July 2009)

Jonathan & Joshua Webb - Succeeded in having an ASBO banning them from wearing hooded tops amended on the basis that their mother still buys their clothes (July 2009)

Linda Ware - Threatened with an ASBO for growing tomato plants (July 2009)

Brendan Ross - Given an ASBO for keeping rubbish in his garden. The order outlaws: “storing items or materials in a way that is prejudicial to public heath or otherwise so as to cause alarm, harassment or distress to others.” He is also banned from collecting rubbish from private skips, bins and civil amenity sites, and is only allowed to have two bicycles in his possession (July 2009)

Gabriel Tabar - Banned from staring at women (July 2009)

Victor Radzinsky - A 58 year-old given an ASBO for breaking an "archaic law" that forbids commercial vans from driving through an Edinburgh park (June 2009)

Anthony Smith - A 38 year-old who suffers from gout and alcohol addiction banned from every UK hospital and GP practice unless he has a medical emergency or prior appointment (May 2009)

Eugene Brocklehurst - A 69-year-old given an order for repeatedly phoning the police (May 2009)

Caroline Cartwright - A 48-year-old woman jailed for making too much noise during sex. She was given an order on 17 April forbidding her from making excessive noise but breached it three times in the following 10 days. On 26 April she was remanded in custody until 5 May (April 2009) Appeared in court on 6 May and was remanded in custody. The case was also covered by The Times (May 2009) She claims that her ASBO breaches Article 8 of the Human Rights Act (November 2009) Arrested again (March 2010) Update: Spared jail a second time (June 2010)

Patricia Eldridge - An ASBO was given to this 64-year-old after neighbours complained about her dogs barking (April 2009)

Callum Smith - A 20-year-old, who has a repeat prescription for methadone to combat his heroin addiction, has been arrested over 30 times because his ASBO forbids him from entering the areas of Cheltenham town centre where his probation office and Cheltenham general hospital are located (April 2009)

Umar Siddique - A 16-year-old banned from every street in Forest Fields, the area of Nottingham in which he lives, except his own. It effectively means he cannot leave his road on foot; only by bus or car (April 2009)

Ben Bramall - Banned from wearing a baseball cap and hooded tops (March 2009)

Louisa Lee - Threatened with an ASBO for having a noisy sex life (March 2009)

Yusef Nur - A 19-year-old banned from entering any public space in his borough between the hours of 8pm and 8am. The order, which is in place for three years, also prohibits him from covering his face with a mask or a scarf (March 2009)

Joanne Roberts - Banned from every shop in Denbighshire for ten years (March 2009)

Raymond West - A 45-year-old banned from "making noise, shouting or using swearwords" (February 2009)

Jill O'Flaherty - A 66-year-old, whose barking dogs breached a noise abatement order, now likely to be given an ASBO (February 2009)

David Jell - A 49-year-old banned from carrying felt-tip pens in public. He also faces jail if he writes rude comments or nicknames in a public place (January 2009)

Celia Edge - A 40-year-old given an order following a dispute with her neighbours - who installed CCTV cameras to gather 143 DVDs worth of evidence against her. She believes her case highlights the ability to utilise an ASBO to facilitate vindictive abuse and is being supported in her case by The Monitoring Group (December 2008)

Martin Solomon - Breached his order by swearing at his television, and was fined £80 (December 2008)

Michael Gilligan - A 99-year ASBO (December 2008)

Raymond Woods - Served an order imposing severe restrictions on his right to enter any place of worship in England or Wales (November 2008)

Torquay 'hoodies' - Four teenagers banned from wearing hooded tops as part of their order (October 2008) [also see: Henry Porter article on a similar case, November 2008]

Stuart Hunt - After a dispute with neighbours over speed bumps, he was give an ASBO with a bizarre range of restrictions including laughing at people, waving objects at people, and adopting a menacing stance. Having unsurprisingly breached these terms he appeared in court where his lawyer argued that: "It contravenes any individual's human rights...he would technically be breaching his order if he laughs at a joke" (October 2008) He has since been charged with breaching his order for laughing. He said: "two police officers turned up at my house and charged me with breaching the Asbo by laughing at the neighbours' daughter. They charged me with laughing – specifically and only with laughing. I couldn't believe it. It's absolutely absurd" (December 2009)

Cornish surfers - Surfers who steal swimmers' waves have been threatened with ASBOs (September 2008)

Lord Rodley - Threatened with an order by neighbours over a long-running dispute about his hedge (September 2008)

Motin Miah - Given an order for trying to encourage passers by to eat at his curry house (June 2008)

John Norman - A 61-year-old given an order for playing music at an unacceptable volume (May 2008)

Robert Bullough - A 59-year-old disabled man given an order for making 10,000 phone calls to his local council in four months (April 2008)

Peter Stoodley - Given an order because of the noise made by his chickens (April 2008)

Giran Jobe - A council application for an ASBO to be made against a weightlifter for exercising too loudly was rejected in court (April 2008)

Jeremy Awdry - A 59-year-old given an order after his neighbours claimed he could not control his livestock (January 2008) Breached the order (December 2008) Breached the order again by giving a passer-by a "dirty look". "Don't give people dirty looks", he was told by the judge (September 2009)

John Garcia - A 20-year-old deported to the Philippines, a country he left at the age of four and whose language he doesn't speak, after committing petty crimes and breaching his order (January 2008) [see also: BBC coverage, January 2008]

Mirriam Ammash - The criminalisation of spitting (January 2008)

Unnamed #1 - A 42-year-old woman banned from returning to her privately owned house for three months (December 2007)

Ryan Starkley - A 17-year-old now faces jail should he drop his trousers in public (December 2007)

Unnamed #2 - In the first case of its kind, a 17-year-old boy from Norfolk had his use of the internet restricted by an ASBO. He is banned from publishing material on the internet that "promotes criminal activity" (December 2007)

Robert Webber - A 25-year-old "serial menace" given a two-year order after a number of petty shoplifting offenses. His lawyer said: "If you want to get him out of trouble the answer is not to give him an Asbo, but to put him in a residential rehabilitation unit to be policed on a socially acceptable basis and educated". His order bans him from behaving anti-socially, drinking alcohol in public and using some parts of the public transport system. who faked drug overdoses to stay in hospital given an order forbidding him from entering hospitals except in a real emergency or with written permission (December 2007)

Mark Smith - A 33-year-old who faked drug overdoses to stay in hospital given an order forbidding him from entering hospitals except in a real emergency or with written permission (August 2007)

Diane Duffin - A 36-year-old given an interim order banning her from playing music in her home between 11pm and 7am (August 2007)

Caroline Bishop - A dispute between two neighbours ended with this 39-year-old being given an order for singing in her bathroom (July 2007)

Gene & James Flitcroft - Two 44-year-old identical twins served an order to stop their arguments disturbing neighbours (June 2007)

Thompson family - A family banned from all 900 homes in the town in which they live except their own (May 2007)

Hampstead Council estate - Camden council has threatened parents with ASBOs should their children be caught playing ball games on the estate in which they live (April 2007)

William Rae - A 22-year-old who has gone to court to fight an order imposed on him for shouting at his TV (March 2007)

Daniel Whittle - A 17-year-old forbidden from carrying a lighter or "any articles that emit a flammable substance at any time, in any place" after lighting fires in the garden of his home (March 2007)

Olga Conco - A 43-year-old woman banned from entering the road on which she used to live for 20 years (March 2007)

Stanley Brown - A 49-year-old given an order banning him from spitting into his neighbour's garden (February 2007)

Andrew Walch - A 17-year-old banned from wearing any item of clothing that restricts view of his face (February 2007)

Yan Price - A 31-year-old given an order for mowing his garden lawn whilst naked (January 2007)

Dawn Benson - A woman threatened with an order for feeding pigeons (January 2007)

Philip Powner - A 76-year-old man given an interim order for trespassing and stealing from his neighbours' gardens (December 2006)

Ideal Upholstery - In a rare case of a company being threatened with an order, this furniture factory has been targeted after complaints from local residents. However, environmental services found that noise and pollution levels did not constitute a "statutory nuisance", so an ASBO would be used instead to effectively bypass the law (November 2006)

John Conington - An 82-year-old given an order following a dispute with his neighbours over the size of the trees in his garden (November 2006)

Mark Senter - A 33-year-old arrested for breaching his order after asking a friend to lend him £10 so that he could pay his electricity bill. A clause in his order forbids him from asking anyone for cigarettes or money (October 2006)

David Grimes - This 27-year-old became the first person to be given an order banning domestic violence. It is of particular interest because domestic violence is, of course, already a criminal offence making this another area of traditional law that the ASBO impinges on (October 2006)

Nicholas Phillip Corelli-Lichtenstein - A 50-year-old given a 12-year order for sending offensive letters to MPs, councillors and government agencies (October 2006)

Mark Bowkett - A 40-year-old banned from his home town of Lydney for 10 years. According to the police "he has become not only a career criminal but also a common bully", but the ASBO does nothing to curb his behaviour rather it serves merely to displace it (September 2006)

Kenneth Williamson - The owner of a noisy rooster in Scotland faces a hearing in November to determine whether he will be given an ASBO. The order would force him to stop the animal from crowing between 10pm and 7am. A vet quoted in court papers said that "there was nothing that could be done to quieten a cockerel other than wring its neck". An interim ASBO application was recently rejected after he agreed to move the cockerel 100 yards (September 2006) A hearing to determine whether a full ASBO would be made was scheduled for July (May 2007)

Shane Maslen - An 18-year-old banned from playing football in the street for two years (September 2006)

Mike Townley - A 47-year-old policeman currently off work with stress sent a letter by his council threatening him with an ASBO over an ongoing feud with his neighbours (September 2006)

Janice Lee - A 37-year-old given an order to stop her singing at home. She intends to move house saying: "It makes me look like some sort of criminal" (September 2006)

Graham Branfield - A 63-year-old bird lover given an order preventing him from feeding pigeons in his back garden (July 2006)

Next - A local councillor from Wirral Council in Merseyside has written to the clothing company threatening to apply for an order unless they stop making late-night noisy deliveries (July 2006)

Donal Burke - A 36-year-old given an order for playing U2 music too loudly (July 2006)

Winifred Mills - A 77-year-old threatened with eviction after encouraging her son to visit her at home because the council estate in which she lives is off limits to him under the terms of his ASBO (June 2006)

Mark Dixon - A 29-year-old banned from every train and railway station in England and Scotland (June 2006)

Paul Henney - Given an order for slamming doors in his house too loudly (June 2006)

Bernard Hambleton - A 66-year-old who has been feeding birds at his home for around 20 years given an order banning him from doing so for two years. His partner said: "we were shocked when we heard it had gone this far but it only takes a couple of people to get the ball rolling and then it escalates to this. I think it's a vendetta and we don't need it because we've got bigger problems to deal with [Hambleton is suffering from terminal throat cancer]." She added: "It started off as the Asbos should be for yobs. But now they are targeting older people. We're an easy target as pensioners" (May 2006)

Philip Howard - A 52-year-old street evangelist who preached to shoppers in Oxford Circus has been banned from doing so by his ASBO. The order lasts for three years and applies to the area bounded by Marble Arch, Regent Street and Portman Square. Whether Howard will stop preaching, ignore the order, or simply move to another busy area of central London remains to be seen (May 2006) Having simply moved to other parts of central London, Westminster council applied on 2 August to have the order extended to cover the entire borough (August 2006)

Michael Ward - A 29-year-old car thief banned from every car park in England and Wales (May 2006)

Martin Pyne - A thief banned from every phone box in England and Wales (May 2006)

Dean Handford - One of a pair of 19-year-old identical twins jailed for 90 days for urinating against a shop (May 2006)

Mark Burt - Banned from owning a stereo for three years after breaching his noise-abatement notice (May 2006)

David Hibbs-Turner - In a clear example of the ASBO being used outside of its remit, Merseyside Police have used it to combat organised crime by banning a "crime boss" from the city centre at night for the next ten years (April 2006)

Terry Clowsley - In a case similar to that of Brian Hagan (see below) this farmer has been threatened with an ASBO because his pigs keep escaping from his farm (April 2006)

David Howarth - A 39-year-old "cowboy builder" could be banned from cold-calling for business for the next five years (April 2006)

Hayley Wignall - A 27-year-old given an order for leaving bin bags of rubbish in her garden (April 2006)

David Burrows - A 43-year-old policeman who took a police baton into a pub given an order banning him from the premises for two years. He resigned from South Wales Police before he could be sacked (April 2006)

Mark Wainfur - A 20-year-old given an order banning him from wearing hooded tops (April 2006)

Italiano Thomas-Bell - A 16-year-old banned from wearing hooded tops, comnuicating with two of his friends, going to certain areas of Manchester and drinking in public until 2011 (April 2006)

Teressa Webb - A 30-year-old given an order for playing the hit music single "Amarillo" too loudly (March 2006)

David Key - An 18-year-old given an order to prevent him from sticking up two fingers to form a V-sign (March 2006)

Paul Jones - A 25-year-old banned from using power tools for six years (March 2006)

Malcolm Pattison - A car thief banned from every car park in England and Wales (March 2006)

William Hillan - Given a temporary order after his neighbours complained that he was playing music too loudly. Hillan, who is gay, argued that he is being victimised on account of his sexuality: "I have lived here for 10 years and there weren't any problems until certain neighbours moved in a couple of years ago". Previously one neighbour was fined £50 after admitting calling Hillan a "poof" (February 2006)

Amy Dallamura - A 42-year-old woman banned from her town's seafront after repeatedly endangering her own life. She is banned from entering the sea, the beaches and parts of Aberystwyth promenade (January 2006) She was arrested near cliffs a few hours after her appeal to have her order overturned was unsuccessful (February 2009)

Neil Carpenter - A 39-year-old former soldier, who dressed in Nazi uniform, given an order banning him from wearing military gear or pseudo military uniforms and from making military gestures such as saluting or actions which "appear to be of a military nature" (January 2006)

Angela Ramsden - A 41-year-old given an interim order banning her from having sex in public places (January 2006)

Craig Brealey - A 33-year-old glue-sniffer banned from possessing any solvent based substances in a public place (January 2006)

Stuart McGhie - A 'sex pest' who was banned from showing or dropping any bank notes on the floor in public to attract teenage girls jailed for two years for breaching the order (December 2005)

Ian Matthews - A 19-year-old forbidden from playing football in the street (December 2005)

Marion Beresford - A 48-year-old spent Christmas and New Year in jail for breaching the terms of her order by playing loud music (December 2005)

Andrew Caulfield - A 13-year-old schoolboy in Scotland given an ASBO warning by his council after neighbours complained about him practising the bagpipes. According to the Daily Record, ironically he had "been invited by the same council to take part in a £30,000 initiative to encourage kids to take up piping" (December 2005)

Lisa Richardson - A 31-year-old banned from playing any music in her flat between 11pm and 7.30am (November 2005)

Andrea Dickson - A mother attempting to use ASBOs against the children responsible for bullying her son at school (November 2005)

Trevor Davidson - In a case that exemplifies the ASBO's capacity to facilitate the settling of petty disputes and accommodate vindictive behaviour, a judge refused to make an order against a man after a string of complaints from his neighbours. "This has been a sorry four days that the court has had to listen to neighbours who have fallen out. It is a sad sign of the times that it has gone this far." He also criticised the council for not seeking a statement from Davidson giving his side of the story when applying for an order that could eventually lead to a five year jail term (November 2005)

Vic Moszcyznski - A man who puts up a display of Christmas lights each year to raise money for a local children's charity has been threatened with an order by police because of the anti-social behaviour of the large numbers of people who come to see the spectacle (November 2005)

Christopher Henson & Teresa Roper - An arguing couple given orders banning them from being verbally abusive, shouting or swearing, either in public or in their home, if other members of the public can hear them (November 2005)

David Gaylor - A 19-year-old banned from entering any Asda store in England or Wales was fined £50 for breaching his order when found sitting at a bus stop which, unknown to him, was situated on land belonging to the shopping retailer (October 2005)

Asda - Asda has also been on the receiving end after Liverpool City Council threatened the retailer with an ASBO for marketing eggs as "Halloween Fun", a move the authorities feared would encourage people to throw them (October 2005)

William Hardman - Banned from boarding a train or entering a railway station in England and Wales for the next two years without written permission after assaulting a ticket inspector (October 2005)

Arthur Burgess - An 80-year-old given an order (October 2005) He has since been jailed for 11 months for breaching his order (March 2007)

Michael Donockley - The case of this 18-year-old, who breached his order but was spared jail on account of his improved behaviour, serves to highlight the triviality of offences that can constitute a breach. Donockley is banned from associating with a friend of his, but when a chance meeting occurred in their town centre the pair were spotted by a policeman and Donockley was arrested (October 2005)

Trevor Petgrave - A 32-year-old, currently in jail for racially aggravated abuse, given a five year order that bans him from using the words "Taliban", "white trash", "white bitch", "white slag" and "Paki" either verbally or in written form upon his release (September 2005)

James Collins - A 57-year-old flasher banned from his own road and surrounding streets faces jail for returning to his own house (September 2005)

Edward Freear - A 66-year-old pensioner jailed for the second time for having breached his order (September 2005)

Christine Boswell - A 60-year-old partially blind pensioner jailed for swearing (September 2005)

Maughan family - A 56-year-old mother and her two daughters banned from "cold calling" at any home in the UK (August 2005)

Andrew Stephan - A 42-year-old who stole knickers and sex toys from women on the Isles of Scilly given an order banning him from visiting the island or entering a house without invitation for seven years. He claims that banning him from Scilly, where his ten-year-old daughter and four-year-old son live with his estranged wife, is effectively "banishment from his home" (August 2005) The Court of Appeal has since ruled that the ASBO was "too long" and reduced its length to two years (November 2005)

Janice Leverett - A 35-year-old accused of turning her home into an "underaged drinking den" has been served an order than bans any "young people" other than her three children from visiting the house, while nobody is allowed to sleep there. She is also banned from producing any noise on her television or stereo that is audible from outside her house (August 2005)

Smith family - In one of the first uses of its type, four members of a family of travellers have received Asbos establishing an exclusion zone of five square miles in the area they had been living, which they can now stop in only to get petrol. Outside the prohibited area they are allowed to stay in one place for no longer than 21 days and cannot return to a previous campsite for at least a year (August 2005)

Frank Gibson - A 28-year-old served an interim order banning him from contacting his former girlfriend and her daughter except through a solicitor until 2010. This marks another avenue of use for Asbos far outside their initial remit (August 2005)

Marie Dalziel - A 23-year-old compulsive arsonist given an order under which she must obey a 7pm curfew, wear an electronic tag, attend a drugs rehabilitation course and not carry any lighter accelerant. More significantly, the Council failed in their attempt to ban her from carrying a lighter or matches because her lawyer successfully argued that she had a human right to smoke (August 2005)

Suran Karim - A 20-year-old illegal cigarette seller banned from carrying more than three packets of cigarettes at any one time and offering to sell tobacco products anywhere in England and Wales (August 2005)

Gon Ren Zhou - A 36-year-old street trader given an order for selling counterfeit DVDs, the second of its kind within the space of two weeks (August 2005)

Carl Langton - This seller of pirated DVDs and CDs became the first recipient of an order related to intellectual property theft (July 2005)

William Porteous - A 51-year-old jailed for three months for breaching his order by playing loud rock music (July 2005)

Julie Brown - A 35-year-old pregnant women whose unborn baby was mistakenly threatened with an order (July 2005)

Eileen Davies - A 72-year-old threatened with an ASBO for feeding birds in her garden (July 2005)

Mohammed Iftikhar - A 29-year-old who followed postmen and stole mail given an order banning him from following postal staff and handling any mail which is not addressed to him with prior permission (July 2005)

Barrington Harris - A 47-year-old in breach of his order for singing too loudly at home was jailed, refused bail, and subsequently missed his mother's funeral (July 2005) He was recently released having spent 64 days in prison but is likely to lose his flat as his housing association has initiated eviction proceedings against him (September 2005)

Mark Devlin - A 30-year-old former heroin addict jailed for breaching his order which forbade him from riding his pushbike (July 2005)

Hugh McColl - A 59-year-old who was served an order forbidding him from playing his TV or stereo too loudly, slamming doors or stamping on the floor and was subsequently jailed for its breach (July 2005)

Simon Frodsham - A 35-year-old banned from over 100 churches and two town centres was jailed after intentionally breaching his order for the 17th time. He told magistrates: "I believe the only thing this order has achieved is to institutionalise me... It has got to the stage where I can no longer function in the community and have to be looked after by prison staff" (July 2005)

Cigarette sellers - Camden council and police were granted ASBOs against two London cigarette sellers, Mohammed Kamal and Sabur Mustafa. This is believed to be the first time orders have been used against street traders (source: Evening Standard 30/6/05)

Kevin Seabrook - A 38-year-old who put up prostitutes' cards in phone booths in central London given an order banning him from entering any telephone box unless making an emergency call (source: Camden Gazette 8/6/05)

Stefan Noremberg - A 42-year-old banned from moving furniture in a way that can be heard from outside his house (June 2005)

John McCarthy - A 44-year-old who, when drunk, has often doused himself in petrol and threatened to set himself alight served an order banning him from all petrol stations and shops where petrol is available to the public through England and Wales. He is also banned from anywhere alcohol is for sale while he is under its influence, and is forbidden from drinking in public places other than pubs and restaurants (June 2005)

Ewan David Deans - A 16-year-old served an interim order which, among other things, bans him from Lincoln City football ground for three months. He is also forbidden from going within 200 metres of any football ground Lincoln City are playing at two hours before kick-off time (June 2005)

Michael Carroll - A 22-year-old former dustman who won the national lottery and a jackpot of £9.7 million in 2002 has become the richest person to receive an ASBO. Carroll, who has made 30 court appearances in the last three years, pleaded guilty to causing over £3000 worth of damage by firing ball bearings from a catapult at cars and houses. However, the area around his home where he has upset his neighbours by staging demolition derbies and car races is not covered by the order. Breckland Council claims their request to be included in the order was deleted from the paperwork and now, should they choose to pursue their own ASBO proceedings, Carroll would face the prospect of becoming subject to two orders (June 2005) Carroll has since been made the subject of a second order by Breckland Council (September 2005)

Travellers' sites - Wakefield has become the first council to announce a trial use of ASBOs on five sites where anyone setting up camp will now be served an order. The Gypsy Council has warned that the council is likely to face court challenges should they follow through with their threat. They also said that "the Act was not intended to be used against Gypsies and Travellers. It is immoral and punitive" (June 2005) These plans have since collapsed after police admitted they were probably unlawful in the wake of legal action threats (June 2005)

Dale Carroll - A 16-year-old banned from wearing a hooded top for five years. This ASBO comes in the wake of Bluewater shopping centre's ban on 'hoodies' as part of a clampdown on antisocial behaviour (May 2005)

Joanne Cox - A 32-year-old mother was banned from her 11 year-old son's school by an interim order after she confronted the child she believed to be continually bullying him and the headteacher she deemed to have done little to stop the abuse. She is forbidden from entering the grounds of the school without a previous written request to a member of staff which has been agreed in writing by the headteacher or deputy (May 2005)

Richard Stofer - A 60-year-old man, with a penchant for sunbathing naked or in a thong, given a five-year order forbidding the practice (May 2005)

Jay Kelly - An 18-year-old "teenage troublemaker" served an order forbidding him from playing loud music in any car, carrying sports equipment as a weapon and driving or being driven on certain roads near where he lives (May 2005)

Dorothy Evans - A 79-year-old women who "growled like a dog" during an ongoing boundary dispute with her neighbours given a five-year order (May 2005) Threatened with jail for contempt of court (August 2007) Banned from her home for five years (September 2008) Won her appeal against the terms of her latest ASBO and has been allowed to return home. However, she can leave her house only between 10am-3pm and is banned from entering her back garden (November 2008) In jail awaiting trial having been charged with breaching her order (November 2009)

James Cameron & James Alves - Two West Lothian "neighbours from hell" handed similar orders. Cameron's forbids him from "shouting, swearing, banging and slamming doors, including the main entry door, playing loud music or television and throwing things out of the windows" (May 2005)

Terence Maughan - A 20-year-old given a five year order banning him from railway property for five years (April 2005)

Dean Fullman - A DJ who ran a pirate radio station from the top of a tower block has been banned from the roof of any building over four stories tall (April 2005)

Jean Smith - A 60 year-old threatened with an ASBO for feeding the birds around her home in Fife (April 2005) Fife council dropped the application after she voluntarily agreed to restrict her bird feeding (June 2005) However, it appears she was later made subject to an interim order and is now intending to move house (March 2006)

Shabaz Ashiq - A 32-year-old unable to visit his parents because he is now banned from the area in which his family home is situated. Under the terms of his order he is also forbidden from playing loud music and drinking in public (April 2005)

Mitch Hawkin - Has been threatened with an ASBO for publishing a joke about the Pope's death on his website (April 2005)

South West Water - The company's managing director has been threatened with an ASBO by Plymouth council over the smell from sewage plants (April 2005)

Liverpool "touchline yobs" - Parents watching their children play in junior football leagues are set to be handed ASBOs if deemed guilty of abusive behaviour (April 2005)

Welsh taxi drivers - Taxi drivers in north Wales have been warned that they may be served orders for overusing their car horns (March 2005)

Scottish gull feeders - A new report prepared for the Scottish executive has proposed that people persistently caught feeding gulls in Scottish towns and cities should be issued ASBOs (March 2005)

Caroline Shepherd - A 27-year-old woman served an order after her neighbours claimed she was goading them by walking around her home in her underwear. If she is seen "wearing only her undergarments" at her window, her front door or in her garden the mother-of-two faces jail (March 2005) On 30 March she pled not guilty to two charges of breaching the order (March 2005) In May she was convicted of breaching the order and in Novemeber was evicted from her council home (November 2005)

Ian Smith - This 55-year-old has become the first person to be banned under an ASBO from parking in a space reserved for disabled drivers (March 2005)

Julie Roberts - A court has ruled that emergency services operators can ignore Roberts who phoned them nearly 800 times in a year with a range of excuses. She was originally served an interim ASBO but interestingly when she continued to make calls the district judge decided it was not worth extending it (March 2005)

James Cronin - A 51-year-old man served an order banning him from making allegations that his neighbours are drug dealers. He also risks jail if he labels people "drug dealers", "council scum", druggies", "fairy" or "army boy" (March 2005)

Neil Horan - A 57-year-old former priest, who was defrocked after causing disruption at the 2004 Olympics, served with an order banning him from going anywhere near the London marathon on 17 April (March 2005) Southwark Council successfully applied for an ASBO banning him from attending the London marathon until 2010 or attending the start of the Tour de France in London in July (June 2007)

Kim Sutton - A 23-year-old woman who has attempted to commit suicide on four occasions has been banned from any river, watercourse or canal in England and Wales, and from loitering on bridges or going onto railway tracks (February 2005) She has since lost her appeal against the order (April 2005)

Thomas Moore-Donald - A 54-year-old banned from every park in Camden for letting his rotweiller off the leash (February 2005)

Nicola Walker - A convicted shoplifter recently released from prison has been banned from 70 retail outlets in the centre of Dundee (February 2005)

Mike McNulty - A 38-year-old man served an interim order banning him from rowing with his wife (February 2005)

Roger Trotman - A 66-year-old pensioner served an order for harassing a neighbour whose parking on the apex of a bend he believed to be dangerous. In addition to the ASBO Trotman was also served a five-year restraining order and ordered to pay a total of £1200 in compensation and court costs. In spite of this, double yellow lines are now due to be put on the bend (February 2005) Trotman has since been charged for breaching the terms of his order which forbade him from arguing over parking arrangements on the road. He distributed 100 letters to neighbours calling for the addition of yellow lines on a corner of the road after a local councillor tried to block the decision reached at his original ASBO hearing. The council has since decided to proceed with the introduction of yellow lines as planned, but Trotman now faces the possibility of jail (March 2005)

Brian Taylor - A 36-year-old man addicted to sniffing petrol has been banned from every filling station and Asda store on Teeside. He is also forbidden from carrying petrol in a public place for the duration of the four year order (February 2005) Caught on camera at an Asda station within weeks of receiving the order he has since been jailed (March 2005)

David Fletcher - Given a ten-year ASBO banning him from any branch of a number of big high-street stores including Tescos, Safeway and Sainsbury's (February 2005)

David Oxley - A 61-year-old wheelchair-bound man, having lost both of his legs through illness, with a history of insulting his neighbours and social services staff has been served an order banning him from drinking alcohol in public, begging, using foul or insulting words or behaviour and acting in a way liable to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others. The council has warned that should he breach the order, on top of facing imprisonment, he is likely to be evicted from his flat (January 2005)

Gareth Flavell - A 23-year-old man served an order banning him from committing a crime (January 2005)

Jennie Smith - A 74-year-old woman, served an interim order, facing prison if she insults her neighbours or makes any form of complaint to public bodies (December 2004) She has since accepted the imposition of a full order which forbids here from "harassing her neighbours, using abusive behaviour, making unfounded allegations against them or playing music loudly" (April 2005)

Ricky Bailey - An 18-year-old forced to spend Christmas behind bars having violated the terms of his order when he visited his grandfather who lives in an area he is banned from (December 2004)

David Boag - A man fixated with the film An American Werewolf in London was punished with an order for his persistent howling. Having breached it he was handed a four month sentence and spent Christmas in jail (December 2004)

Brian Hagan - A farmer in north Norfolk received an interim order because his pigs were regularly escaping the confines of his farm. Breached in a matter of hours, Hagan is now considering mounting a legal challenge to the order and has told magistrates he wants his case to be put before a jury at a crown court (December 2004) The Crown Prosecution Service, having dropped a charge of breaching the order because "no reasonable time had elapsed to enable Mr Hagan to comply with it", claimed they had advised from the beginning that this was not a suitable case to apply for an ASBO. As a result of this the application for a full order has been withdrawn (January 2005) His pigs have since been removed by the RSPCA (July 2005)

Angela Sarna - A woman banned from using pay-as-you-go mobile phones for five years (November 2004)

Griffiths family - A mother and her five children were evicted from their home after two of her sons breached their orders. Her local council initially refused to rehouse them claiming they had made themselves "intentionally homeless" but after a county court judge ruled in her favour were forced to put them up in a hotel at a cost of over £8,000 (November 2004)

Bridge family - The first case of a 'family ASBO' in which a married couple and their three sons have been banned from congregating together outside their home in groups of more than two. Other conditions of the order include an 11pm-7am curfew and bans on the use of foul language and the entering of the local police station and council buildings (October 2004) The family has since been banned from their home town of Wirral (March 2005)

Daisy - A 17-year-old profoundly deaf girl served an order for spitting in public. Having broken it she is currently in prison on remand (October 2004)

Jamie Wilson - Served an order for illegally wheel clamping cars (September 2004)

Thomas Spalding - A 50-year-old served an order banning him from entering his own house. Having breached and pleaded guilty he is currently serving a 60 day prison term (September 2004)

Christopher Wood - On the same day as he was released from prison this 21-year-old found himself back in court being served an interim order which banned him from entering any car park in England and Wales, touching any car without the owner's permission and riding a bicycle. On the full application hearing, the council also managed to have him banned from wearing any form of hat or hood in public (September 2004)

Sharon McLoughlin - A 33-year-old woman in Birmingham banned from owning a stereo or television after her neighbours made numerous complaints about the noise levels. She is also being evicted from her council flat (August 2004)

Shepherds - Owners of livestock in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, have been threatened with ABSOs and warned they could be banned from land and ordered to obey a curfew (July 2004)

Norman Hutchins - A 53-year-old troublesome patient banned from entering or phoning any NHS premises or private hospital in England and Wales without written permission (June 2004) He has since been jailed for three years, and an indefinite "CRASBO" put in place for when he is released (January 2005) Jailed again (September 2007) Update: And again (January 2010)

Joseph Headley - A 20-year-old banned from playing any form of ball games in his street (June 2004)

Paul and Gary Doyle - Two brothers from Manchester were served an ASBO that included banning them from using the word "grass" anywhere in England and Wales (March 2004)

Robert Alexiuk - A 19-year-old whose order forbidding him from using abusive or insulting language extends beyond public places to his own garden (March 2004)

Alexander Muat - The oldest recipient of an order to date, at 87 years of age, he is, among other things, forbidden from being sarcastic to his neighbours (July 2003) He has since been found guilty of breaking the terms of his order on three separate occasions. Sentencing will take place on 13 November but the judge has already made clear that: "There will be no prison for an 88-year-old-man" (October 2004)

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