ASBOs used in issues of general public order

ASBOs are increasingly being used to combat a wide range of public order offences. However, the targeting of prostitutes and beggars seems to have done little more than cause their displacement to other areas. They are also increasingly being used to target vandalism including graffiti and "flyposting" in what has become the first example of a "white collar" ASBO against BMG. Graffiti artists have also been targeted by the Anti Social Behaviour Act under which powers to remove graffiti have been extended to private property.

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Michelle Lyn Smith - Given an ASBO (April 2010)

Leeds - Seven women in Leeds have been given ASBOs as part of a crackdown on prostitution (February 2010)

Natasha Coker - The first street sex worker in Blackburn to be given an ASBO (January 2010) Breached the order (February 2010) Update: Breached again (May 2010)

Iuliana Raducanu - Banned from Chalvey in Berkshire (December 2009)

Sarah Caldecott - Given an order (July 2009)

Liverpool - Persistent offenders in Liverpool could be given orders and "named and shamed" in a bid to rid areas of the city from prostitution (March 2009)

Dawnette Codner - A 44-year-old prostitute with over 100 previous convictions given an order (January 2008)

Khalique Miah - A 33-year-old persistent kerb-crawler has become the first man to be banned from parts of east London to prevent him trawling for sex (August 2006)

Natasha & Carmen Dye - A mother and daughter both given orders (June 2006)

Thelma Fontaine - A 40-year-old given a three year order banning her from the Leeds red light district (June 2006)

Peter Allenby - A 45-year-old man banned from entering the Leeds red light district after a court heard he drove prostitutes in and out of the area (April 2005)

Sarah Marsden - A prostitute given an order by Leith Council to make it clear to others that their "antisocial behaviour" will not be tolerated (July 2005)

Sofia Charles - A prostitute in Reading sentenced to three months imprisonment for breaching her order (January 2005)

Nottingham City Council has outlined plans to launch ten applications for ASBOs against prostitutes as part of their bid to cut down on street crime.

Karen Weaver - A prostitute from Edinburgh, has been banned from the Leith Links area as a result of complaints from local residents. Officials claimed it to be the first in a number of orders it will be campaigning for against prostitutes (July 2004)

Joette Lydiate - A Manchester prostitute banned from soliciting in any public place in England and Wales (June 2004)

Vanessa Bex - A prostitute living in the London borough of Camden, she was the first of many repeat offenders to be handed orders banning them from their usual place of business. (July 2002)

King's Cross - Partly in preparation for the Eurostar's extension to the station, Camden council (which has issued almost five times more ASBOs than any other borough and been rewarded accordingly) has handed out a total of 38 orders to beggars, drug users and prostitutes that targeted the area.

Begging and homelessness

Jamie Cooke - Jailed for begging (January 2010)

Cardiff city centre - Beggars in the city centre have been threatened with ASBOs by South Wales police. Richard Edwards, chief executive of the Huggard Centre which works with the homeless, criticised the move: "Our philosophy is to develop people out of homelessness but we can’t do that if they are being punished for being an addict. You have to help them overcome those addictions...It’s understandable and recognisable that anti-social behaviour is a problem that needs to be addressed but it has to be in a supportive, positive way...When people are in extreme poverty, moving them on just takes them somewhere else and displaces those problems" (July 2009)

Stephen Geddes - Given an ASBO (July 2009)

Russell Samuels - Jailed for four months (May 2009)

Raymond Woods - Jailed for eight weeks for sitting on a park bench in an area of town from which he is banned (May 2009)

Tia Johnson - Three year order for begging in Cardiff city centre (March 2009)

Anthony Delaney - Jailed for breaching an order forbidding him from sleeping at Gatwick airport (August 2008)

Christopher Kurris - Banned from begging anywhere in the borough of Reading and from entering the town centre (February 2008)

Matthew Hill - A 26-year-old banned from begging in Blackpool as part of a new police crackdown (December 2007)

Glenn Skinner - A 36-year-old "vagrant" given a nationwide order to curb his unruly behaviour which includes a ban on swearing in public (July 2007)

Philip Cheshire - A 32-year-old "aggressive beggar" given an order (May 2007)

Sabrina Simpson - A 27-year-old given an order for begging and accused of breaching it when caught on CCTV cameras talking to people despite there being no evidence she was begging (September 2006)

Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury Council have ordered all beggars out of the town centre and are interviewing shop-owners to identify persistent beggars with the intention of giving them ASBOs (June 2006)

Keith Farran - A 27-year-old beggar who licked CCTV cameras to obscure their view given an ASBO (March 2006)

Wells, Somerset - Police clamping down on beggars with ASBOs (February 2006)

John McKay - The first beggar in Scotland to be given an order (December 2005) He has since been banned for life from Edinburgh's city centre streets (December 2006)

Christina Wort - A 28-year-old homeless woman given an order banning her from begging or sleeping rough in Reading town centre for two years. She is also banned from having drugs anywhere in Britain (September 2005)

Andrew White - A 43-year-old homeless man jailed for three weeks for breaching the terms of his order (which, being illiterate, he could not read and nobody had read it to him) by sitting on a fire escape (August 2005)

Daniel Richardson - A 37-year-old drug addict, who turned to begging to fund his habit, was jailed for three months under the terms of his order for "courteously" asking a motorcyclist for money (March 2005)

Peter Fish - A 31-year-old forbidden from begging in any public place in England or Wales for the next two years (February 2005)

Alan Riley - A 70-year-old, who struggles to walk, handed an order banning him from begging for money for the next five years (December 2004)

Manchester soup kitchens - Mobile charity soup kitchens are being targeted, along with the homeless they provide for, as part of the council's drive to clean up the city centre. There were initial reports of orders being made but there has been a distinct lack of media coverage since (October 2004)

Westminster council - Announced a new strategy under which beggars in London's West End will be warned five times before they are served an order (October 2004)

Leeds - 15 people were served interim orders banning them from begging in the city centre as part of a wider clampdown across Yorkshire (August 2004)

Peter Broadbent - A 36-year-old beggar served an order forbidding him from sleeping on Manchester's streets or asking "earnestly and humbly" for change (July 2004)

Camden council - The case of Matthew Lock (April 2004) received the most publicity when he was banned from Camden Town, but the council has also placed order on a large number of beggars operating around Tottenham Court road. Some of these include the first orders banning an individual from begging anywhere in Britain.

Campbell & Lawler - Two Cambridge beggars handed orders, both of which were subsequently breached within days (March 2004)

Leonard Hockey - Manchester city council's serving of an order to this 51-year-old non-aggressive beggar set a precedent for their use against the homeless. Hockey died three months later having travelled down to London and camped outside the gates of Buckingham Palace in protest (August 2003)

Graffiti & flyposting

Moritz Miester - A 17 year-old given an ASBO (July 2010)

David McDonnell - A 19 year-old "banned from being in possession of any unset paint, permanent marker pen, shoe dye or permanent ink in any form, in any public place in England and Wales" (March 2010)

Joshua Dent - Breached his ASBO (March 2010)

James Matthews - A professional photographer given an ASBO for taking pictures of graffiti (January 2010)

Jordan Coleby - A 16-year-old boy given an ASBO (December 2009)

Dominic Luke-Clarke - Jailed for breaching his order (June 2009)

Thomas Dolan & Thomas Whittaker - 20 and 18-year-old graffiti artists had their prison sentences overturned and five-year ASBOs quashed - the judge ruled that their use was "inappropriate" because their graffiti was not threatening or offensive (October 2007)

Joseph Hiles - A 19-year-old banned from possessing spraypaint cans or marker pens and from entering any Metro or Railtrack property (September 2007)

Billy Murrell - A 17-year-old banned from the top deck of any public transport vehicle in England (September 2007)

Ben Allpress - A 19-year-old given an ASBO banning him from carrying containers of paint and ink markers in a public place (September 2007)

Ben House - An 18-year-old graffiti artist handed an order on his release from jail with numerous restrictions banning him from the practice. These include posting images of graffiti or tagging on websites or sending them by mail or mobile phone message (October 2005)

Paul Bannatyne & Mark Rickards - Two 19 and 20 year-old student graffiti artists in Manchester have each been jailed for 10 months and handed three year ASBOs in a landmark case (April 2005)

Brighton - Police have announced plans to use ASBOs to impose night-time curfews on individuals repeatedly found guilty of graffiti related offences (December 2004)

Diabolical Liberties - Following on from their action against Sony & BMG (see below), Camden Council continued to set a precedent for the use of ASBOs in this field when Highbury Corner magistrates court granted their application and served temporary orders to the managing director and three employees of this promotions firm banning them from flyposting (October 2004) On 23 March, Tim Horrox, managing director of the company, was handed a full ASBO banning him from arranging flyposting anywhere in Camden over the next two years despite having given an undertaking in court to end the practice. Horrox also pointed out that in the past he had coordinated flyposting on behalf of Camden council's Arts and Leisure Department. The order, Camden's 150th, applies only to the borough despite the council's attempts to secure a nationwide ban and written letters from 19 local authorities asking for the order to apply to their borough. One report estimates this legal case against Diabolical Liberties to have cost £80,000. An analysis of the ruling's broader implications for flyposting can be found on the Media Week website (March 2005) Horrox has since been ordered to pay £46,000 in costs to cover the Council's lengthy legal battle against him (September 2005)

Sony & BMG - Camden council has taken out several orders against these two companies in an attempt to stop them illegally flyposting in the borough (an act that allegedly costs taxpayers around £250,000 a year). Although it now seems the orders have been withdrawn against Sony, BMG employees still face a prison term if found to have organised the practice (June 2004)

Thomas Sherwin - A 15-year-old from Richmond received an order banning him from drawing graffiti anywhere in England and Wales or to be in a public place with spray paint, marker pens, etching materials or any other articles related to the practice of graffiti (June 2004)

Glen Clarke - Clarke, who works for Street Media Distribution Limited - an organisation believed to be linked to Diabolical Liberties - was served a two year order forbidding him from flyposting in the city of Nottingham. He is also forbidden from possessing posters or paste (May 2004)

Daniel Halpin - A 19-year-old convicted of graffiti damage to a tube depot has been served an order banning him from carrying any graffiti-related materials for a period of five years. He is also banned, over this time, from associating with any of those he committed the original offence with (December 2003) He later breached the order and spent four-and-a-half months on remand in a young offender institution before being sentenced to a 200-hour community punishment order (October 2004)


Martin Harris - Jailed after breaching his ASBO 29 times (April 2009)

Jordan Jeffries - Faces jail for drinking outside a pub (December 2009)

Dale Cooper - Breached his order and jailed within five hours of it being issued (November 2009)

Stephen Westlake - Breached his order by attending a friend's funeral wake (July 2009)

Karen Bulmer - Jailed for the fifth time in under six weeks for breaching her order for the twentieth time. Her solicitor said: "She is a chronic alcoholic. Once she is released from prison, within hours she will have a can in her hand. It is the way of things” (July 2009)

Codie Greenfield - A 19-year-old sentenced to eight weeks in a young offender's institute for standing outside a nightclub after having drunk three pints of lager celebrating his cousin's 21st birthday. He was not carrying any alcohol, and says he did not feel drunk, but police determined he has breached the terms of his ASBO which stipulate that he cannot be drunk in a public space (April 2009)

Peter Swinbourne - Jailed after seeking shelter from the cold in a police station (April 2009)

Charles Rush - Jailed after breaching his order 46 times (April 2009)

Graham Colin Parker - Jailed after breaching his order seven times (March 2009)

William Trevorrow - A 63-year-old banned from drinking alcohol or being drunk in public (January 2009)

Lloyd Christopher Turner - Banned from every pub in Crewe for three years (January 2009)

Ruth Ryan - A 36-year-old who phoned emergency services over 100 times when drunk given an order banning her from dialing 999 unless in the case of a genuine emergency, and from being drunk in public (March 2008)

John Bailey - A 41-year-old who breached an interim order seven times in 21 day. His lawyer said: "The order was imposed for the best of reasons but simply imposing it doesn't cure the disease, the disease of alcoholism...This is a 41-year-old man who struggles to remember how old he is...He can't remember which offence is which because he can't differentiate one day from another. (November 2007)

Leslie Richman - An example of a council using an order to displace an "anti-social" individual (September 2007)

Paul Ainsworth - A 48-year-old alcoholic jailed for shoplifting a £2.99 bottle of wine (September 2007)

Stuart Graham - A 17-year-old given an order as part of a campaign to stop underage drinking. He is banned from buying alcohol and being in the possession of alcohol - offenses that are already covered by common law (August 2007)

Peter Charles Dickens - An alcoholic jailed for a year for breaching an order. After sentencing him Judge Robin Onions questioned the appropriateness of making Dickens subject to an order in the first place. He said: "For a man with your difficulties to be subject to three separate Asbos is unhelpful...I have real doubts whether an Asbo is the right way to deal with someone who has chronic health problems and alcohol difficulties...I have suggested you are subject to one Asbo now with simple targeted conditions which you understand" (May 2007)

Edward Bryson - A 43-year-old banned from drinking in public anywhere in England or Wales (May 2007)

Robert Wilson - A 53-year-old abusive alcoholic given a two-year order (November 2006)

Sandra Dobson - A 60-year-old given an order in an attempt to curb her drunken behaviour has already broken it six times and is now threatened with jail (July 2006)

David Jones - A 40-year-old banned from all pubs and licensed premises in his village until 2011 (June 2006)

Kris Odling - A 23-year-old banned from every pub and club in Bury town centre and from being drunk in public (March 2006)

Wayne McHugh - A 26-year-old rugby league player given an order banning him from all licensed premises in Castleford and from being drunk in any public place (March 2006)

Pauline McNamara - A 39-year-old barred from every pub, bar and alcohol-serving restaurant in England and Wales for two years (November 2005)

Colette Cowap - A 38-year-old who became the first lawyer to be made subject to an order, after a series of alcohol-related offences, was found dead at her home just four days later. Her father said his daughter "needed help not an Asbo. I think that pushed her over the edge" (October 2005)

Eliot Montgomery - A 32-year-old jailed for six months and barred from every pub in England and Wales, and being drunk in a public place for three years (May 2005)

Michael Chadwick - In 2002 the then 32-year-old ex-soldier was made subject to an order banning him from every pub in his borough and from being drunk in Oldham for five years. A string of convictions later he has now been banned from causing trouble anywhere in the country for the next decade. His lawyer argued that the fact that he is on probation and faces a return to custody should he break the law should be deterrent enough (May 2005)

Eddie Jones - A 53-year-old homeless man sentenced to 30 days in jail for breaching the terms of his order when he entered a Wrexham pub (May 2005) Jones has since been jailed again for drinking in a pub (January 2006) Jones has been jailed once again for opening a can of lager in a Tesco car park. The judge claimed to be sentencing him with a "heavy heart" and said: "This is his sixth Asbo breach. Is the court going to keep giving him longer and longer prison sentences for opening cans of lager in the Tesco car park? What does it achieve?" (September 2006)

Steve Winstone - A 38-year-old alcoholic served a poorly worded order which forbids him from not being drunk. Amazingly the local authorities failed to spot their error until they tried to charge him for breaching the order (March 2005)

Jennifer Ford - A 44-year-old woman with mental health problems living in sheltered accommodation jailed for four weeks for breaking her interim order by drinking alcohol in the city centre (February 2005)

John Martindale - A 60-year-old "known drunk" given a landmark 15-month prison sentence for breaching his order (December 2004) He was jailed again in September 2008 and released early in February 2009. Two days later he was found to be drunk in a public place and sent to prison for another seven months (February 2009) Jailed again in May 2009 and told by the judge to "go down south when you get out and leave us alone up here" (May 2009) In the news again (November 2009) Update: Spared Jail (January 2010)

Barry Radford - A 29-year-old barred from being drunk or carrying alcohol in a public place breached his order within two days and was handed a two month prison sentence (December 2004)

David Bell - A 57-year-old homeless alcoholic banned from carrying or consuming alcohol in a public place and entering licensed premises. Unsurprisingly he breached the order within two weeks (August 2004)

Mark Whittaker - This 47-year-old was banned from buying or consuming alcohol anywhere in England and Wales. Having breached it he was sentenced to eight months in prison but walked free because of the time spent in custody on remand (August 2004)

Philip Lester - A 51-year-old was served, and has since breached, an order banning him from consuming or being under the influence of alcohol in any public place on Merseyside and using abusive or insulting language (July 2004)

Robert & Lisa Hughes - This married couple were banned from drinking in any public place throughout Britain (May 2004)

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