The Opror/Rebellion case

(Statewatch terrorist lists site, updated 9 January 2007)

The Danish association Opror (‘Rebellion’) was founded to defy both national anti-terrorism legislation and the political paradigm underlying the so-called ‘war on terror’. It has now been charged with terrorist fund raising and is awaiting prosecution in 2007. See Rebellion in Denmark, an overview

  • October 2004: ‘Rebellion’ publicly transferred substantial funds to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).
  • April 2005: ‘Rebellion’ issues international appeal to organisations in the EU encouraging them to join it in its defiance of European anti-terrorist legislation and the ‘terrorist list’ of the European Union: appeal (link)
  • August 2005: 'Rebellion’ charged with breaching of 114a(2) of the Danish criminal code by allegedly supporting "groups having the intent of committing terrorist acts": report
  • August 2005: Copenhagen Magistrate’s Court ordered the removal of ‘Rebellion’s’ international appeal from its homepage.
  • October 2005: High Court (Landsret) upholds decision to censor 'Rebellion' website. This is now being appealed by ‘Rebellion’ to the Supreme Court (Hoejesteret)
  • February 2006: Police authorities remove the international appeal from the websites of the parliamentary party Red-Green Alliance, of the left daily newspaper ‘Arbejderen’, and of a socialist youth group.
  • April 2006: Board of Appeal of Danish Supreme Court declares admissible appeal against decision to censor 'Rebellion' website: report
  • October 2006: Danish minister of justice confirms prosecution of 'Rebellion' under anti-terrorist laws will go ahead: report
  • November 2006: Copenhagen International Conference: Anti-terrorism legislation, political rights and international solidarity Saturday 18 November 2006: declaration

Foor more information, see 'Rebellion website'

See also: "Arbitrary" EU anti-terrorist laws tested by Swedish Young Left on another "illegal" donation to the PLFP. No charges were brought by the Swedish authorities.

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