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10 June 2020

Deaths in custody: I know how George Floyd's family feels - I watched my brother die in police custody

Janet Alder explains the similarities between the case of George Floyd and that of her brother, Christopher Alder, who died in police custody in Hull in 1998.

10 June 2020

Scaled-up surveillance: the EU builds a massive biometric database

Journalist Daniel Trilling explores the EU's interoperability initiative and the construction of the enormous 'Common Identity Repository' database.

10 June 2020

UK: Four UK neo-Nazis jailed for membership of National Action

Four ongoing members of National Action - a neo-Nazi group that was proscribed by the UK government in 2016 - have been sent to prison for their membership of the group.

10 June 2020

UK may have been complicit in torture of 15 more people, court hearing reveals

Reprieve highlight yet more cases of torture potentially involving the UK authorities.

10 June 2020

A Joint Enterprise: How the UK and the US co-operate on drone warfare

Drone Wars UK has published a new report examining UK-USA cooperation in the field of drone warfare.

08 June 2020

Spain/Portugal/Italy: Partial relief: migrant regularisations during the COVID-19 pandemic

The uncertainty that the Covid-19 outbreak has brought to every sphere of life has had a major impact on already vulnerable groups, such as undocumented migrants. People who, for whatever reason, lack official authorisation to stay, live and work in a particular state usually live with constant fear of being detained or receiving an expulsion order after a spontaneous stop by the police. Among the different measures approved by European countries under states of emergency, some have addressed the situation of migrant populations. This article looks at the cases of Portugal, Italy and Spain, which have been praised by the general public for appearing to offer regularisation, or an end to detention. However, the positive tone - probably exacerbated by the need for good news - has set aside details that suggest a less optimistic outcome.

08 June 2020

Viewpoint: Greece-Finland: Ambassador's condemnation of an academic study on the hotspots shows the link between migration policy and authoritarianism

A letter sent by the Greek ambassador in Finland to a group of academics studying the "hotspots" appears to herald governmental persecution of civil society actors beyond what is already the case and intimidation of researchers, by suggesting they should primarily rely on information from Greek authorities and be careful about voicing criticism.

08 June 2020

UK: Revealed: online covid tests refused to those not on credit check database

The UK's proposed "test and trace" system may be inaccessible to those who do not pass credit checks or who do not want them carried out.

08 June 2020

UK: Simeon Francis: Investigation launched after black man dies in police custody in Devon

"A black man has died in British police custody after “becoming unresponsive” in a cell."

08 June 2020

EU-Libya collaboration - pull-backs by remote control

German newspaper Taz is launching a new report looking at how the EU and Libya collaborate to 'pull-back' migrants in the Mediterranean from Libya.


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