08 June 2020

EU-Libya collaboration - pull-backs by remote control

German newspaper Taz is launching a new report looking at how the EU and Libya collaborate to 'pull-back' migrants in the Mediterranean from Libya.

08 June 2020

EU: Another new "centre" launched at Europol

The EU's police agency has launched a 'European Financial and Economic Crime Centre', coming on top of specialised "centres" for cybercrime, terrorism and migrant smuggling.

08 June 2020

Something to declare? Surfacing issues with immunity certificates

The Ada Lovelace Institute highlights six key issues with proposed "immunity certificates" or "immunity passports" that must be taken into consideration by policy-makers.

08 June 2020

Can the EU make AI “trustworthy”? No – but they can make it just

European Digital Rights sets out the main points of their response to the European Commission's consultation on "trustworthy AI".

08 June 2020

UK-Ireland: First post-Brexit request for UK extradition now before the High Court

A Welsh man is facing an extradition hearing in Ireland after the British authorities made their first post-Brexit extradition request to the country.

08 June 2020

Immediate action needed to disembark migrants held on ships off Malta’s coast

The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights says keeping more than 400 people detained on private ships outside of Malta's territorial waters is "unsustainable and requires immediate action".

05 June 2020

Europe’s COVID crisis does little to disparage Mediterranean migrants

"Having been expelled from Algeria, Alfa Jafo has spent the last few months working in the kitchen at a restaurant in the historic city of Agadez in Niger, a launchpad for irregular migration in the Sahel."

05 June 2020

Covid-19 makes it clearer than ever: access to the internet should be a universal right

Tim Berners-Lee argues that argues that access to the internet and the web must become a reality for all.

05 June 2020

Responding to Covid-19: Surveillance, Trust and the Rule of Law

An analysis by Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas looks at how the surveillance-based responses to the COVID-19 pandemic affect "law, rights, trust and citizenship."

05 June 2020

Hostility towards migrants and those working to support them continues as state policy in Lesvos

Lesvos Legal Centre documents some of the ways in which hostility is embedded into everyday life on the island of Lesvos.

05 June 2020

Germany struggles to face its own police racism

An article in DW examines racism in the German policing and criminal justice systems.

05 June 2020

Project Interoperability: EU to pay 300 million EUR for face and fingerprint recognition

As part of the EU's 'interoperability' initiative that will interconnect a host of policing, migration and judicial cooperation databases, a new contract to build the 'shared Biometric Matching System' (sBMS) has just been signed.

04 June 2020

Responses across the UK and Europe to the death of George Floyd

A round-up of protests in the UK and Europe, by the Institute of Race Relations.

04 June 2020

George Floyd death: Thousands join UK protests

Thousands of people have attended protests in cities and towns across the UK in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, USA.

04 June 2020

UK: Rights groups demand change to fix unfair policing of lockdown

Data on the policing powers exercised under the pandemic lockdown show that black and ethnic minority people are 56% more likely to be fined than white people. Rights groups are calling for change.

02 June 2020

EU: Migration: overstay caused by COVID-19 pandemic should not be considered illegal, says Commission

The Commission encourages Member States not to consider as illegal stay in the EU the periods of stay of third-country nationals in a Member State caused by Covid-related measures

02 June 2020

Illegal floating prisons by Carla Camilleri

"We need to ask ourselves why Malta still operates migration through management-by-crisis, without long-term vision or contingency plans for emergencies and instead chooses to use human lives as pawns in a bid to find a solution to a global crisis"

02 June 2020

Politically-motivated crimes in Germany at second-highest level since 2001

There were around 41,000 politically-motivated crimes in Germany in 2019, a rise of about 14% on the previous year. Over half were carried out by right-wing individuals or groups.

01 June 2020

Michel Barnier says EU is open to Brexit delay of up to two years

The EU is open to a Brexit delay of up to two years, the bloc's chief negotiator has informed all UK political parties but the government Conservative Party.


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