France: When “Anti-Populism” Makes the Far Right Mainstream

An article examining the fascist and far-right continuities in the Front National, despite claims by the party (and media commentators) that it has become more 'mainstream'.

"When the far-right Front National (FN) changed its name to Rassemblement National (National Rally, or RN) in June 2018, media commentary tended to follow a familiar pattern — taking party leader Marine Le Pen’s words at face value. The Associated Press interpreted the change as an indication of the party’s desire to “appeal to a broader range of voters.” It drew a similar, if rather odd, conclusion about the party’s modified logo: the organization’s “traditional flames” had been put “inside a partially closed circle to signal a new openness.”

A more skeptical eye might have discerned a rather closed kind of openness here, while a more informed one may have noted that the “traditional flames” were originally the emblem of the Movimento Sociale Italiano, a neofascist organization of die-hard Mussolini loyalists."

FRANCE: When “Anti-Populism” Makes the Far Right Mainstream (Jacobin, link)


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