Internal Council report on the implementation of the EU Internal Security Strategy

"Delegations will find attached the joint paper of the outgoing Finnish Presidency and the Croatian Presidency on the implementation of the renewed EU Internal Security Strategy.

In line with the Council conclusions of 12 October 2017 on the mid-term review of the Renewed Internal Security Strategy the implementation paper presents a structure based on priorities, on the planning and implementation of the renewed EU Internal Security Strategy 2019.

It consists of two parts:

  • A general report providing an overview of the progress achieved during the reporting period in the main priorities of the renewed ISS and a number of cross-cutting priority areas, while focusing on the main achievements and setting out the follow up envisaged by the current Presidency, as relevant.
  • Technical follow-up on specific measures.

Delegations are invited to express their views on the state of implementation of the renewed ISS."

See: NOTE from: Presidency/outgoing Presidency: Implementation of the renewed EU Internal Security Strategy: joint Presidency paper (5618/20, 3 February 2020, LIMITE, pdf)

The document is laid out under the following heads, and also includes a detailed table setting out the 'state of play' regarding the ISS priorities:

1. Renewed Internal Security Strategy priorities

1. 1. Countering terrorism and preventing radicalisation and violent extremism

1.2. Preventing and fighting serious and organised crime

1.3. Preventing and fighting cybercrime and enhancing cybersecurity

2. Cross-cutting priority areas

    • Information exchange and interoperability
    • Availability of data
    • Strengthening the links between external and internal dimension of security
    • Cooperation with third countries
    • Enhancing customs contribution to internal security

3. Future Direction of internal security in the EU


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