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27 January 2020

Brexit: The EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Act: what does it do?

A brief overview of the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Act.

23 January 2020

Italy: Giving names to victims — deaths in Italian deportation centres

An article by Are You Syrious looking at the 29 deaths in Italian migrant detention centres since 1998, following the death of Vakhtang Enukidze on 18 January.

23 January 2020

Greece: January 2020 Report on Rights Violations and Resistance in Lesvos

The latest update from Lesvos Legal Centre on the situation on the island of Lesvos, where over 21,000 asylum seekers and refugees are living in appalling conditions.

23 January 2020

Far-right activist sent to Scotland to infiltrate army as veterans targeted by race hate groups

An investigation by the Daily Record has uncovered far-right attempts to infilitrate the armed forces in Scotland.

23 January 2020

EU: MONITORYOU: the MilliONs beIng spenT by the eu on develOping surveillance tech to taRget YOU

Privacy International have outlined some of the most dubious of the EU's security research projects, which receive millions of euros to develop new, intrusive forms of surveillance and tracking technology.

23 January 2020

UK: Tougher sentencing and monitoring in government overhaul of terrorism response

The British government is planning a new set of measures aimed at countering terrorism - including subject people imprisoned for terrorism offences to lie detector tests before release.

23 January 2020

USA: We’re Banning Facial Recognition. We’re Missing the Point.

An opinion piece by security expert Bruce Schneier arguing that facial recognition bans are only looking at one small part of a big picture. The technology is one of myriad methods of identifying, correlating and discriminating against people without their knowledge or consent, says Schneier, and privacy advocates need to broaden their focus if they are to deal with the problem effectively.

23 January 2020

Poland: 1460 Days Later: Rule of Law in Poland R.I.P. (Part I)

An extended analysis of the Polish government's attacks on the rule-of-law.

20 January 2020

UK: Corin Redgrave Memorial Lecture 2020

Justice In A Broken World by Professor David Andress - Saturday 14 March 2020, London

20 January 2020

Denmark: 'Unacceptable for people': Danish asylum centre slammed in anti-torture report

"The Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture published on Tuesday a highly critical report on a detention centre in Denmark."

20 January 2020

EU mulls five-year ban on facial recognition tech in public areas

"The European Union is considering banning facial recognition technology in public areas for up to five years, to give it time to work out how to prevent abuses, according to proposals seen by Reuters."

20 January 2020

UK: Greenpeace included with neo-Nazis on UK counter-terror list

"A counter-terrorism police document distributed to medical staff and teachers as part of anti-extremism briefings included Greenpeace, Peta and other non-violent groups as well as neo-Nazis, the Guardian has learned."

20 January 2020

EU: How do the European media cover migration?

A new study examining media coverage of migration in different EU states.

20 January 2020

Europeans seek ‘lawful’ ways of intercepting 5G communications

The EU is pressing ahead with attempts to ensure that police retain the power to wiretap 5G telecoms networks.

20 January 2020

UK: Police leaders to start bidding for more tasers from today

"Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales can start bidding today to equip more of their officers with tasers as part of a Home Office drive to give police more powers and tools to tackle crime."

20 January 2020

UK: The Queen’s Speech: setting the ‘public’ against its ‘enemies’

The threats to rights and liberties posed by the Conservative government's programme.

20 January 2020

Greece: Migrants face increasingly hostile conditions

"Refugees and migrants trying to make their journey into Europe are facing increasingly hostile conditions - forcing them to take huge risks to their safety."

20 January 2020

UNHCR’s Recommendations for the Croatian and German Presidencies of the Council of the European Union (EU) January - December 2020

A document setting out UNHCR's priorities for EU policy on asylum in the coming year.

19 January 2020

Transforming the EU in a freedom security and justice area

first Council ideas for a Strategic Agenda (2019-2024), nicknamed "Tampere II"

14 January 2020

Greece: Chios: Protesters boo, throw water bottles at Dep Labor Minister over Migration policy

"Serious incidents erupted in the town hall of the island of Chios on Monday night, where Deputy Minister of Labor, Notis Mitarakis was booed and became the target of protesters angry over the government’s migration policy and the creation of a new structure for refugees and migrants."


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