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04 May 2020

EU: COVID-19 & Digital Rights: Document Pool by EDRi

"The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses a global public health challenge of unprecedented proportions. In order to tackle it, countries around the world need to engage in coordinated, evidence-based responses grounded in solidarity, support and respect for human rights. This means that measures cannot lead to disproportionate and unnecessary actions. It is also vital that measures are not extended once we are no longer in a state of emergency."

04 May 2020

Greece transfers nearly 400 migrants from Lesbos island to mainland

"Nearly 37,000 people are currently hosted in camps on the Greek islands, while Lesbos alone accommodates almost 19,000 people in a space designed for about 3,000."

04 May 2020

France: Cameras to monitor masks and social distancing

"Video surveillance cameras in France will monitor how many people are wearing masks and their compliance with social distancing when the coronavirus lockdown is eased next week.

04 May 2020

Behind medical masks, democracy is being suffocated

"In the midst of its EU Council presidency, Croatia turned to the UAE and China for medical help, forgetting its current leadership role as the presiding country that should spur member states into coordinated action, writes Oriana Ivkovic Novokmet."

04 May 2020

Italy: Ports closed to rescue ships: appeal to the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe

Translation of a letter originally published by Médécins sans Frontieres, Mediterranea Saving Humans, Open Arms and Sea Watch, organisations that have vessels operating in search and rescue activities in the central Mediterranean on 11 April 2020.

03 May 2020

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Security Minister Plans to Deport Thousands of People Amid Corona Crisis

"On April 23, the security minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) proposed to forcibly deport migrants out of the country in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. The initiative follows a decision on April 16 by the Council of Ministers of BiH on the Restriction of Movement and Stay of Foreigners challenged by the Legal Aid Network Vaaa prava BiH."

03 May 2020

Europol: Beyond the pandemic - What will the criminal landscape look like after COVID-19?

"Based on criminal information from investigations in the Member States, Europol is assessing the impact of the pandemic across three phases; current, mid- and long-term phase. The report anticipates developments across the threat landscape that will have an operational impact on law enforcement authorities across Europe. Europol also identifies five key factors that influence organised crime during and after the pandemic.

03 May 2020

EU: GDPR at risk of failing due to underfunding of regulators, study finds

"Digital privacy regulations introduced in Europe nearly two years ago are in danger of failing because regulators have not been properly resourced, a new report claims

03 May 2020

EU shores up Libyan coast guard amid Covid-19 scare

"The European Union is reshuffling budgets to further shore up Libya's coast guard and the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

03 May 2020

7 Billion Suspects: The Surveillance Society (ARTE documentary)

"More than 500 million cameras on our planet allow authorities to monitor our every move. In America, facial recognition is used to identify suspects. In France, smart cameras claim to analyse the emotional state of citizens on the street. And in China, surveillance cameras can identify criminals from how they walk. As sophisticated AI technology transforms surveillance in the name of fighting terrorism, are we all now suspects?"

03 May 2020

UK: NHS staff coronavirus inquests told not to look at PPE shortages

"Inquests into coronavirus deaths among NHS workers should avoid examining systemic failures in provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), coroners have been told, in a move described by Labour as very worrying.

02 May 2020

EU condemns attacks on press freedom during COVID-19 crisis

"Ahead of World Press Freedom Day, Germany's foreign minister said independent journalism is being weakened during the coronavirus pandemic. The EU also warned that media freedom is under threat in several countries."

01 May 2020

UK: Covid-19 and European prison population changes

"How do European states compare with England and Wales? Our latest infographics illustrate prison population changes across Europe in response to Covid-19."

30 April 2020

SPECTRE Project: EU finances technology for undercover investigations

"Police forces from 34 countries have been investigating criminal networks in South Eastern Europe since 2017, money comes from the Internal Security Fund of the European Union. In addition to all kinds of espionage and wiretapping technology, they also pay informers."

30 April 2020

European Parliament: Protecting press freedom during the Covid-19 pandemic

"The Covid-19 crisis has hit the media sector hard at a time when it plays a crucial role in providing accurate information and countering disinformation about the pandemic."

30 April 2020

French government forced to delay vote on COVID-19 tracking app proposal

"The French government has been forced to delay the debate and vote in the National Assembly regarding its controversial coronavirus contact tracing app, StopCovid, following privacy concerns."

30 April 2020

EU launches judicial freedom case against Poland

"The European Commission launched a new formal procedure against reforms in Poland on Wednesday (29 April), giving Warsaw two months to alleviate concerns about a December law that the EU executive says threaten judicial independence."

30 April 2020

Brussels and UK at odds over proposed EU office in Belfast - Clashes expected over plan which Britain says would sow division in Northern Ireland

"Brussels and UK officials will clash over the increasingly fraught question of whether the European Union can open an office in Belfast."

30 April 2020

EU financial complicity in Libyan migrant abuses

"The EU is financially supporting Libyan and Italian authorities, who are responsible for grave violations of migrant rights, with some 90 million euros. In a complaint submitted to the European Court of Auditors, GLAN and our partners at ASGI and ARCI demonstrate that this support enables Libyan authorities to intercept and return migrant boats to Libyan territory, contrary to fundamental rules of refugee law; and that it is often funnelled into one of the world’s most notorious detention systems where migrants are held in deplorable conditions and subjected to extreme violence and in some cases, sold into slavery."


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