28 January 2019

EU: Inclusion of dual nationals in new criminal records database "incompatible" with the right to non-discrimination

A new EU database approved by the European Parliament's civil liberties committee last week will breach the right to non-discrimination, according to a committee of international legal experts.

23 January 2019

UK: Campaigners get go-ahead to challenge exemption UK gave itself over immigrants' data

"The High Court has agreed to hear a campaign group's case against the UK's Data Protection Act, which they say leaves immigrants with fewer rights over their data."

23 January 2019

EU urges crackdown on 'golden passports' for big investors

"The EU Commission has told EU states to tighten checks on non-EU nationals who acquire citizenship - so-called "golden passports" - through investments."

23 January 2019

France-Germany: Merkel and Macron sign Treaty of Aachen to revive EU

"French President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday signed a new friendship treaty that is designed to deepen the Franco-German friendship, bring ties to a "new level" and improve the lives of citizens in both countries."

23 January 2019

EU: Frontex proposal: Presidency attempts to "accommodate Member States' concerns" over "standing corps" and executive powers

The Council of the EU is pressing ahead with negotiations on the new Frontex proposals, which were announced by the Commission last September. Recent Council documents show that the proposal to introduce a "standing corps" of 10,000 border guards at the disposal of Frontex (now formally known as the European Border and Coast Guard Agency) has caused some consternation amongst Member States, as have proposals to provide Frontex staff and members of "teams" with executive powers.

23 January 2019

Germany: Police Laws in Saxony: Czech, Polish and German Criticism on Plans for Facial Recognition in the Border Region

"Together with our Czech partner organisation IURE and the Polish Panoptykon Foundation, we strongly criticize the planned preventive automatic facial recognition in the border region of the German federal state of Saxony, the Czech Republic and Poland."

23 January 2019

EU: Visa Information System: child fingerprinting and police access proposals criticised by data protection authorities

European data protection authorities have strongly criticised the European Commission's proposals to extend the Visa Information System (VIS), arguing that the lowering of the fingerprinting age for children, access to visa data by law enforcement authorities and the storage of long-stay visas and residence permits in the database fail to meet basic data protection and fundamental rights standards.

23 January 2019

The rule of law in Poland: reports from the Council's September and December hearings

Statewatch is today publishing the two most recent reports produced by the Council on its 'hearings' on the situation of the rule of law in Poland, which have been held in the General Affairs Council (GAC).

23 January 2019

EU: Returns Directive: latest Council Presidency compromise proposal

"Delegations will find attached a revised Presidency compromise proposal as regards the draft Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on common standards and procedures in Member States for returning illegally staying third-country nationals (recast), prepared taking into account delegations' comments provided at and after the IMEX meeting on 3 December and JHA counsellors' meeting on 12 December 2018."

23 January 2019

Greece: Protests on Samos: demands for rights, freedom and healthcare

"In the context of the ongoing humanitarian crisis surrounding refugee populations Samos is the Aegean island that people often forget."

23 January 2019

UK: Far-right groups could exploit Brexit tensions - police

"The "febrile" atmosphere around Brexit could be exploited by far-right extremists, the UK's most senior counter-terrorism officer has warned."

22 January 2019

European Parliament Study: Fit for purpose? The Facilitation Directive and the criminalisation of humanitarian assistance to irregular migrants: 2018 Update

"It takes stock of and examines the latest developments that have taken place since 2016, specifically the legislative and policy changes, along with various forms and cases of criminalisation of humanitarian actors, migrants’ family members and basic service providers."

22 January 2019

France summons Italian envoy over Di Maio Africa comments

"France has summoned Italy’s ambassador to protest against comments by Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, who accused Paris of continuing to colonise Africa and causing people to migrate from the continent, a government source told AFP."

22 January 2019

European Parliament: In depth analysis: Standard Essential Patents and the Internet of Things

"The report evaluates the efficient resolution of licensing disputes over FRAND, including via litigation, arbitration and mediation, licensing pools and collective licensing. The current document also puts forward some policy recommendations to, inter alia, enhance the general environment of FRAND licencing in the context of SEPs. [Standard Essential Patents]."

22 January 2019

Germany looks into ultrasound age tests on unaccompanied minor refugees

"Calls for mandatory X-ray age tests on unaccompanied minor refugees were rejected last year by German doctors. As an alternative, the Health Ministry is now launching a €1-million study into ultrasound testing."

22 January 2019

Greece: Experts warn of dangers of excessive tear gas use in letter to PM

"The Association of Greek Chemists sent a letter to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday warning of the hazards of tear gas use as to disperse crowds during unrest at protest rallies."

22 January 2019

Another 170 migrants disappear in shipwrecks: UN call for an end to Mediterranean tragedy

""The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, stated on Saturday that “no effort should be spared” in saving lives at sea, following reports of two new shipwrecks on the Mediterranean Sea, in which some 170 people either died or went missing."


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