28 February 2019

Europe’s deadly migration strategy

Officials knew EU military operation made Mediterranean crossing more dangerous

28 February 2019

ECHR: Unaccompanied migrant minors in detention

"“[I]t is important to bear in mind that [the child’s extreme vulnerability] is the decisive factor and ... takes precedence over considerations relating to the ... status [of] illegal immigrant.”

28 February 2019

IT systems to run UK borders 'may not be ready for no-deal Brexit'

National Audit Office warns of lack of Brexit preparations at UK border and by traders

27 February 2019

Sweden: Rogue algorithm stops welfare payments for up to 70,000 unemployed

"Automated decision-making has become a national talking point in Sweden, after a report by the country’s public broadcaster revealed thousands of unemployed people were wrongly denied benefits by a government computer run amok."

27 February 2019

Northern Ireland: UKSC: No investigation into Pat Finucane’s death so far has been Article 2 compliant

"The widow of murdered Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane has been granted a declaration that the state has failed to deliver an Article 2 compliant investigation into the death of her husband, who was shot and killed by loyalist paramilitaries in collusion with the UK security forces."

25 February 2019

Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (19-25.2.19)

- African Union seeks to kill EU plan to process migrants in Africa - Report on the consequences of security and migration policies at French-Italian border - Deal will see Spanish rescue ships return migrants to Morocco

25 February 2019

African Union seeks to kill EU plan to process migrants in Africa

"The African Union is seeking to kill off the EU’s latest blueprint for stemming migration, claiming that it would breach international law by establishing “de facto detention centres” on African soil, trampling over the rights of those being held."

25 February 2019

Montenegro: Integrated Border Management Strategy Implemented by Government

"The Government adopted the Action Plan for Implementing the Integrated Border Management Strategy 2014-18, for 2019, and adopted the Report on the Implementing Measures and Activities from the Action Plan for 2018."

25 February 2019

UK: Immigration check outcry sees officers removed by councils

"Labour councils are removing Home Office immigration officers embedded within local authorities after calls from party members and councillors to stop enabling policies that lead to a “hostile environment” for migrants."

25 February 2019

German Government confirms: Libyan authorities not contactable for maritime rescue

"The Federal Government confirms that there are “difficulties in the availability electronically and by telephone” of the Libyan ‘coastguard’. The same was also said to apply “regarding language barriers”. The EUNAVFOR MED military mission has initiated a “monitoring mecha-nism” to tackle problems such as these, with the aim of evaluating maritime rescue missions."

25 February 2019

EU: Deprivation of citizenship: useful reading

Following the UK Home Secretary's controversial decision to revoke the citizenship of the teenager Shamima Begum, who left the UK to join Islamic State in 2015, the issue of citizenship deprivation has been high on the public agenda. A number of reports published in recent years provide useful reading on the topic.

25 February 2019

EU: Council and Parliament reach agreement on immigration liaison officers, visas, biometric ID cards

Measures being negotiated as part of the EU's 'Security Union' are moving ahead swiftly, with the Council and Parliament reaching provisional agreements on new rules for immigration liaison officers, the EU's Visa Code and the introduction of mandatory biometric national identity cards; and the Council agreeing its negotiating position on the new Frontex Regulation.

25 February 2019

EU: Council negotiating position on new Frontex Regulation

The Council of the EU last week agreed its mandate for negotiations with the European Parliament on the new Frontex Regulation, which will further increase the powers and role of the border agency. Statewatch is making the Council's mandate publicly available.

21 February 2019

UK: Institute of Race Relations: The London Clearances a background paper on race, housing and policing

"New IRR publication provides a fresh take on housing, policing and racism in London. The moral panic over supposedly dangerous black, urban subcultures in London, emerges at a crucial time, argues the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) in a challenging background paper published today."


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