23 December 2019

Brexit: Johnson condemned for dropping pledge to replace family reunion law

"Lawyers warn loss of reunion rights for unaccompanied refugee children will put them in danger."

20 December 2019

Greece: Unaccompanied Children at Risk - Arriving Alone in Island Camp, They Face Insecurity, Neglect

" Hundreds of unaccompanied children on the Greek island of Lesbos are exposed to inhuman and degrading living conditions, Human Rights Watch said today. Children, unable to secure a place in the overcrowded specialized accommodation for unaccompanied children, face unsanitary and insecure conditions sleeping rough, sometimes in the open, in other formal and informal parts of the camp on the island."

20 December 2019

Europol: SIRIUS: European Union Digital Evidence Situation Report 2019

"The report presents data in relation to the volume of requests from EU Member States to online service providers; the main reasons for refusal or delay of EU requests; and the main challenges in the process from the perspective of the different stakeholders."

20 December 2019

European Parliament Study: The European Commission package of ETIAS consequential amendments - Substitute impact assessment

"This assessment concludes, inter alia, that the Commission package expands the scope of the European Criminal Record Information System for Third-Country Nationals (ECRIS-TCN) beyond the purposes stated in the ECRIS-TCN Regulation. This expansion constitutes a serious interference with the rights to respect for private life and to protection of personal data."

19 December 2019

Europe is home to a grave humanitarian crisis – but Brussels looks the other way

"In a Greek refugee camp, adults are being stabbed or raped, while children freeze. This suffering shames our continent."

18 December 2019

EU: European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS)

Commission note explaining the "consequential amendments" to the ETIAS Regulation

18 December 2019

UN experts decry rise in migrant detentions in Greece

"UN experts on arbitrary detention have urged the Greek government to make urgent changes to the detention of migrants, stressing that the country was in continuing violation of various international standards.

18 December 2019

EU: The “reliable neighbour” must recognise the rights of migrants, at last!

A call from EuroMed Rights on International Migrants Day for the EU and its member states to ratify the 1990 International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families.

18 December 2019

Greece-Turkey: Videos Show Apparent Illegal Pushback of Migrants

"The Greek government has repeatedly denied carrying out illegal "pushbacks" at its land border with Turkey. No asylum seekers, Athens insists, have been forced back across the Evros River into Turkey without a fair asylum process -- even if numerous refugees been claiming otherwise for years."

18 December 2019

State advertising as an instrument of transformation of the media market in Hungary

"The study uses a comparative-historical perspective to examine the practice of state advertising in the Hungarian media by looking at the relevant practices of three governments."

18 December 2019

Austrian Government Hacking-Law Is Unconstitutional

"The Austrian constitutional court decided on 11.12.2019 that the surveillance law that permits the use of spying software to read encrypted messages violates the fundamental right to respect for private life (article 8 ECHR), the fundamental right to data protection (§ 1 Austrian data protection law) and the constitutionally granted right that prohibits unreasonable searches (Art 9 Austrian bill of rights – Staatsgrundgesetz).

18 December 2019

UK: How to say ‘no’ to Government’s plan to strengthen police powers against Travellers

"On 5 November 2019, the Government launched a consultation to strengthen police powers against roadside Travellers. We need as many people as possible to stand up and fight against the Government’s plans"

17 December 2019

‘Enormous amount at stake’ in Irish murder data appeal case

"There is an “enormous amount at stake” in an appeal against a High Court decision that found the police’s capturing of mobile phone metadata in relation to a murder case breached EU law, Ireland’s Supreme Court has heard."

17 December 2019

Migrant arrivals from Turkey to Europe nearly double in 2019

"According to a confidential EU report, 70,000 migrants have crossed from Turkey to the EU this year. The numbers raise questions about whether a EU-Turkey refugee deal is unravelling."

17 December 2019

Is Processing Biometric Data of Turkish Nationals in a National Database Lawful under the EEC-Turkey Agreement? Reflections on the Judgment in A, B and P (C-70/18)

"Overall, the Court’s pronouncements should not be viewed outside the specific context of the case at hand, i.e they should not be understood as generally applicable to the processing of biometric data for immigration law purposes. The Court’s approach favours national prerogatives in managing third-country nationals through data surveillance policies as it allows a significant margin of discretion for Member States."

17 December 2019

Greece Under Water with Unceasing Refugee, Migrant Arrivals

"ATHENS – Mild late autumn weather has led to a constant stream of refugees and migrants being sent to Greek islands from Turkey, where they had gone fleeing war and strife in their homeland, sent by human traffickers being allowed to operate during an essentially-suspended 2016 swap deal with the European Union."

17 December 2019

France, UK say they look beyond Brexit in Mali cooperation

"Sharing the cockpit of a helicopter on sizzling tarmac, French and British air force chiefs vowed to pursue the joint fight against jihadists in the heart of the Sahel even as the shadow of Brexit looms over their countries."

16 December 2019

Greece: No-Rights Zone

How people in need of protection are being denied crucial access to legal information and assistance in the Greek islands’ EU ‘hotspot’ camps

16 December 2019

Why are we letting the defence industry hijack the EU?

"For three years now, the European Union, created to promote peace and understanding, has been undergoing a profound pivot to militarisation and hard power."

16 December 2019

Turkey raises prospect to send troops to Libya

"Turkey moved closer to military support for Libya’s internationally recognised government late on Saturday (14 December) when a bilateral deal that provides for a quick reaction force if requested by Tripoli was sent to parliament."


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