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27 November 2019

MEPs choose Wiewiórowski to be the EU’s data protection watchdog

"Mr Wojciech Wiewiórowski was selected by the Civil Liberties Committee as their top choice to become the next European Data Protection Supervisor."

26 November 2019

Berlin and Paris outline plan for EU makeover - Two-page document aims to show Franco-German partnership overcoming recent tensions

"Germany and France have drawn up a blueprint for a two-year "Conference on the Future of Europe" aimed at overhauling nearly all aspects of how the EU functions, including possible treaty changes if need be, with a goal of making the bloc "more united and sovereign," according to a document seen by POLITICO."

25 November 2019

GREECE: History repeating itself: Winter warnings for Europe’s largest refugee camp

"With winter approaching, aid workers and refugee advocates on Lesvos are worried: there doesn’t appear to be a plan in place to prepare Moria – Europe’s largest refugee camp – for the rain, cold weather, and potential snow that winter will bring."

25 November 2019

Frontex expands operations in EU neighbouring countries

"After Albania and Montenegro, the EU Commission has concluded a Frontex status agreement with Serbia, to be followed by Northern Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. A first deployment of the EU border troops has meanwhile been increased."

25 November 2019

Aid groups condemn Greece over 'prison' camps for migrants

"Greece is poised to create “prison” island camps, say aid groups amid growing criticism of government plans to overhaul refugee reception centres on Aegean outposts facing Turkey."

25 November 2019

Greece makes course change in its approach to the refugee crisis

"When Alkiviadis Stefanis was appointed as Deputy Defence Minister of Defence in the cabinet of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis some months ago it went relatively unnoticed. Stefanis, a 60-year-old ex-Chief of the Greek Army was not elected, but was placed in the Ministry of Defence as a “technocrat” due to the fact that he had good knowledge of military conduct. (...)"

25 November 2019

Questions surround Greece's stricter course on refugees

"Athens has announced tougher action against migrants and refugees. New deportation camps are to be set up, while asylum applications are to be processed more quickly. But some doubt the efficacy of the planned measures."

25 November 2019

Italy; At least 20 migrants feared dead after boat capsizes near Lampedusa

"Five reported dead and 149 rescued from vessel attempting to carry group from Libya to Europe."

25 November 2019

'Roadmap' for implementing new Frontex Regulation: full steam ahead

A 'roadmap' sets out the actions needed for "rapid and full operationalisation of the European Border and Coast Guard (EBCG) 2.0 Regulation," described as a "top priority for the EU."

25 November 2019

Eurafrica: History of European Integration, “Compromise” of Decolonization

"After the war, European states actually scrambled to preserve their empires and use them to claim geopolitical leverage vis-à-vis the dominant superpowers to the east and the west, the Soviet Union and the US."

25 November 2019

Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (19-25.11.19)

Including: EU aid and development funding has provided €215 million for border security in Morocco since 2001 - New Detention Centres Planned on Greek Islands Despite Ruling Against Island Conditions - EU countries warned of 'lost generation' of young refugees - Deportations: Council Presidency proposes systematic monitoring of readmission cooperation and sanctions for non-compliance

25 November 2019

Western intelligence services tracked Russian spy in Catalonia

"General Denis Sergeev, the Russian spy who traveled to Barcelona in 2017 on the eve of the October 1 illegal referendum in Catalonia, carried out subversive operations in a dozen or so countries in Europe and Asia."

25 November 2019

Deportation of Legal Centre Lesvos client halted by intervention of the European Court of Human Rights

"On 21 November 2019, in the case of Z.B. vs. Greece, ECHR?LE2.2bR, the European Court of Human Rights granted an interim application preventing the Greek authorities from deporting an Afghan man, ‘Z.B’, to Turkey from Lesvos. Z.B, who is represented by Legal Centre Lesvos, was due to be deported the next morning had it not been for the intervention of the Court."

25 November 2019

Italian coast guard: migrant bodies washed ashore or in sea

"The bodies of five migrant women, two of them washed ashore, were recovered Sunday, the Italian coast guard said, as search efforts continued in rough seas near the tiny island of Lampedusa for around another dozen people feared missing in the capsizing of a fishing boat."

25 November 2019

Hamburg: Social Democrats and Greens plan new police law

"The “modern” police law planned by the red-green Senate will extend the powers of the police even further. The new law will permit police to use electronic ankle bracelets to monitor so-called “threats” around the clock."

25 November 2019

Doctors tell UK authorities Julian Assange 'could die' in jail

"More than 60 doctors have written an open letter saying they feared Julian Assange's health was so bad that the WikiLeaks founder could die inside a top-security British prison."

25 November 2019

USA: Ban Face Surveillance

"Over the past decade, a powerful identification technology has emerged that will create the engineroom for a new era of mass surveillance across the world. This technique has the capacity to scan and identify the faces of thousands or even millions of people in real time. It must be stopped."

25 November 2019

ePrivacy: EU Member States push crucial reform on privacy norms close to a dead end

"The ePrivacy Regulation aims to strengthen users’ right to privacy and create protective measures against online tracking. Instead, EU states turned it into a surveillance toolkit,” said Estelle Massé, Senior Policy Analyst at EDRi member’s Access Now."

25 November 2019

New agreements: European Union wants to expand use of passenger data

"The EU Parliament is to deal with a new agreement on the exchange of passenger data with Canada."

25 November 2019

#PrivacyWins: EU Border Guards Cancel Plans to Spy on Social Media (for now)

"As any data protection lawyer and privacy activist will attest, there’s nothing like a well-designed and enforced data protection law to keep the totalitarian tendencies of modern Big Brother in check."


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