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12 March 2019

UK: Policing: use of force against children increases and disproportionately affects ethnic minorities

The use of force by police officers against children has increased significantly in recent years and disproportionately affects those who are black or from other ethnic minority groups, according to a new report by the Children's Rights Alliance for England (CRAE).

08 March 2019

Racist crime up sharply in east Germany's Saxony state

"Far-right and racist crime rose sharply last year in eastern Germany's ex-communist state of Saxony, new data showed .."

08 March 2019

UK: Ministers woo foreign cops accused of heavy-handed tactics at British arms fair

"Senior ministers have attended a British arms fair for foreign police forces, many of whom face criticism for human rights abuses and heavy-handed policing..."

08 March 2019

EU: Justice and Home Affairs Council, Brussels, 7-8 March - documentation

Press release, background note, agenda papers for discussion, along with points legislative and non legislative.

08 March 2019

EU Open letter to MEPs: oppose mandatory fingerprinting for national identity cards

An open letter from five NGOs calls on MEPs in the European Parliament Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE) to oppose the introduction of mandatory fingerprinting for national identity cards, as required by the proposed Regulation on strengthening security standards for identity cards and residence documents.

07 March 2019

AI: Europe’s shameful failure to end the torture and abuse of refugees and migrants in Libya

"Catastrophic impact of Europe’s migration policies Most of the people currently held in Libya’s detention centres were intercepted at sea by the Libyan coastguard, which has enjoyed all kind of support from European governments in exchange for preventing refugees and migrants from reaching European shores..."

07 March 2019

No agreement on asylum possible before EU elections, EU member states admit

"EU interior ministers on Thursday (7 March) failed to conclude an overhaul of the bloc’s migration policy, meaning that under the Juncker Commission, no further progress can be expected on a dossier expected to take centre stage at the European elections..."

07 March 2019


"EU interior ministers gathering in Brussels today are expected to make it clear: The planned reform of the EU’s asylum rules is dead...."

07 March 2019

Greece: Three dead in migrant boat sinking off Samos

"One man and two children died on Thursday after a boat they were on sank off the east coast of the Greek island of Samos..."

07 March 2019

EU declares migration crisis over as it hits out at 'fake news' - European commission combats ‘untruths’ over issue after row with Hungary’s Viktor Orbán

"The European commission has declared the migration crisis over, as it sharpened its attack on “fake news” and “misinformation”"

07 March 2019

Bulldozers demolish migrant camp in Italy

"Bulldozers and paramilitary police demolished a migrant camp near Gioia Tauro, in Calabria, in southern Italy,..."

06 March 2019

EU Commission promises transparency for all groups influencing EU policy 6.3.19

The European Commission has agreed to publish documents on the work of a high-level group that shaped the EU's military research programme and has said that any future such groups should be subject to the same transparency rules as other Commission-appointed expert bodies.

06 March 2019

Border controls in Bavaria and Austria: Police to extract mobile phones

With the takeover of the sovereign border security, the Free State is also using new technology. The extraction of telephones is supposed to help in the detection of smuggler networks“

06 March 2019

No choice: Migrants kidnapped for ransom

'Travel now, pay later' schemes offered by smugglers seem to be increasing the risks to migrants and refugees, especially in parts of Africa...."

06 March 2019

Hungary in Focus

"The past decade has seen Hungary, with prime minister Viktor Orbán at the helm, on a steady course to become one of the most substantial threats to democracy and rule of law in the European Union today..."

06 March 2019

UK: Macpherson, twenty years on: Diversifying the police won’t end institutional racism

"In this article, Remi Joseph-Salisbury and Laura Connelly of the Northern Police Monitoring Project discuss institutional racism and the limits of calls to diversify the police force (estimated read time: 6 minutes)..."

06 March 2019

UK: Secret document reveals police 'blacklisting'

"A secret police document has revealed how the Metropolitan Police's Special Branch helped the illegal blacklisting of trade unionists - preventing them from getting jobs because of their political views..."

05 March 2019

EU:  Identity cards: there is still time to oppose the EU's 'fingerprinting Regulation' (5.3.19)

On 11 March the European Parliament's civil liberties committee (LIBE) will vote on the proposed 'fingerprinting Regulation', which will make it mandatory for all national identity cards in the EU to include two fingerprints and a biometric photograph.

05 March 2019

EU: NGOs, EU and international agencies sound the alarm over Frontex's respect for fundamental rights

The Frontex Consultative Forum on Fundamental Rights has expressed "serious concerns about the effectiveness of Frontex's serious incident reporting mechanism," saying that it should be revised and that the border agency must "take additional measures to set up an effective system to monitor respect for fundamental rights in the context of its activities."

05 March 2019

European Parliament Study: Understanding algorithmic decision-making: Opportunities and challenges

"This study reviews the opportunities and risks related to the use of ADS (algorithmic decision systems). It presents policy options to reduce the risks and explain their limitations..."


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