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07 October 2019

UK: Deaths in custody: Saturday 26 October 2019 assemble at 12:00 @ Trafalgar Square: NO MORE STATE KILLINGS

"The United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC) was set up in 1997 by families who had lost loved ones at the hands of the state to challenge the injustice in the system. It began as a network of black families because disproportionate numbers of black people were dying in police custody. It is now grown as a group that supports all families of the victims of custodial deaths at the hands of police officer, prison officers or in secure medical units.

07 October 2019

EU: Case C-93/18 Bajratari – Unlawful Employment and the Right to Free Movement

"On 2 October 2019, the CJEU delivered an important decision, which clarifies the ‘sufficient resources’ condition of Article 7(1)(b) Directive 2004/38 and simultaneously reinforces the right to free movement of Union citizens."

07 October 2019

Migration solutions begin and end with Turkey

"Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened several weeks ago that he would “open the gates” for migrants to cross into Europe if the international community did not accept his pledge to create what he termed as “safe-zones” in Kurdish areas on the Turkish and Syrian borders."

07 October 2019

Greece: Aegean Boat Weekly Report 30 September to 6 October

"A total of 203 boats started their trip towards the Greek Islands, carrying a total of 6,941 people. However, 139 boats were stopped by Turkish Coast Guard/police, and 2,242 people arrived on the Greek Islands.

07 October 2019

Border management: EU signs agreement with Montenegro on European Border and Coast Guard cooperation

"Today, the European Union signed an agreement with Montenegro on border management cooperation between Montenegro and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex).(...)"

07 October 2019

Commissioner Mijatovic calls for bolder measures to protect the human rights and dignity of all migrants in the Mediterranean

"member states have a chance to prevent further disastrous human rights and humanitarian consequences by suspending any co-operation activities with the Libyan authorities that impact on interceptions at sea and result in returns to Libya, until clear guarantees of full human-rights compliance are in place."

07 October 2019

How a notorious Libyan trafficker was invited to an official Italian migrant meeting in Sicily

"The United Nations’ migration agency says it unknowingly co-operated with a notorious Libyan human trafficker in 2017, when he was invited by the Italian government to a meeting in Sicily at the height of the Mediterranean migrant crisis."

07 October 2019

A Threat from Within? Exploring the Link between the Extreme Right and the Military

"Right-wing violence and terrorism have slowly gained more academic and public attention in recent years, with an increase in anti-immigration and anti-government organised violence from the extreme right in most Western countries. Some evidence exists that right-wing extremists have attempted to infiltrate the military in their home countries to gain access to tactical training, weapons, and to recruit highly skilled new members."

07 October 2019

Greece: More than 700 migrant arrivals in Lesvos in past 36 hours

"A total of 703 refugees and migrants arrived on the island of Lesvos between Tuesday midnight and Thursday noon, authorities announced on Thursday."

07 October 2019

Third Anniversary of EU-Turkey Statement: A Legal Analysis

"During the EU-Turkey Summit held on 29 November 2015, parties agreed to support refugees fleeing civil war in Syria and their host country Turkey, and to implement a Joint Action Plan, adopted on 15 October 2015, which sought cooperation to prevent irregular migration flows to the European Union."

07 October 2019

Sea Watch migrant rescue captain Carola Rackete criticizes EU lawmakers

"The Sea Watch 3 captain, who memorably defied Italy's landing ban, chastised EU lawmakers for the situation in the Mediterranean. She said rescuers were legally compelled not to return migrants to Libya as it is unsafe."

07 October 2019

CoE: Parliamentary Assembly: PACE to Europe’s governments: ‘It is your duty not to let people drown in the Mediterranean’

"While welcoming the commitment of NGOs to carrying out sea rescues, the Assembly has insisted that “it is the duty of States not to let people drown in the Mediterranean."

07 October 2019

Greece needs to face reality about asylum seekers

"The Greek islands are under the spotlight again, as a new wave of tragic events has hit asylum seekers trapped there."

06 October 2019

The Best and Brightest? Not Always for E.U. Leadership Jobs

"BRUSSELS — One official wore blackface. Another could not answer basic questions about his portfolio. A third has been accused of misusing public funds while in office, and is still being investigated."

06 October 2019

UK: Counter-terror police running secret Prevent database

"Counter-terror police across the UK have been running a secret database containing details of thousands of individuals referred to the government’s controversial anti-radicalisation Prevent programme, the Guardian can reveal."

06 October 2019

Aegean Boat Report: 25000 followers on Facebook

"Today Aegean Boat Report past another milestone, 25000 followers on Facebook, and counting."

05 October 2019

Behind the razor wire of Greece’s notorious refugee camp

"Moria camp mourns a woman’s death, after reports wrongly blamed residents for the fire that killed her..."

04 October 2019

The EU’s new migration policy is a gift to the far-right

"Far from taking the refugee issue away from the far-right, the EU’s new migration policy plan will simply hand the far-right a grievance it can exploit for years to come, writes Faisal Al Yafai."

04 October 2019

FIVE EYES: US, allies seek access to Facebook encrypted messaging apps

"US, UK and Australian officials want Facebook to give authorities a way to read encrypted messages sent by ordinary users. Law enforcement has long sought access despite pushback from tech giants and privacy advocates.


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