EU: French Gendarmerie and Spanish Guardia Civil develop joint training for cross-border operations

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French Gendarmerie and Spanish Guardia Civil develop joint training for cross-border operations
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The paramilitary police forces of France and Spain - the Gendarmerie and Guardia Civil - are developing joint training courses to promote common standards. The aim is to "maintain security in Europe through a common and shared operational culture," and to export the training model throughout the EU.

According to a note (pdf) circulated to the Council of the EU's internal security committee (COSI), the joint training course has been ongoing since October 2017:

"An Administrative Agreement was signed on 23 August 2017 by both parties. Since October 2017, a company of 120 Gendarmerie NCO cadets has been trained at the Guardias Jovenes Duque de Ahumada College, within a barracks of the Guardia Civil in Valdemoro, alongside Spanish trainees. In 2019, it will be the turn of the Gendarmerie Non-Commissioned Officers School in Dijon to host 120 Guardia Civil students for 5 months."

See: NOTE from: French and Spanish delegations: Discussion paper on integrated training (12412/18, LIMITE, 21 September 2018, pdf)

The note says that the training is "structured around four themes: controlling migration flows, the fight against terrorism, the fight against cross-border organised crime, and mutual knowledge."

The note formed the basis for a discussion in COSI on 28 September 2018. The minutes of that meeting state:

"COSI took note of the joint project of integrated training of Police academy cadets run by the French Gendarmerie and the Spanish Guardia Civil. Delegations welcomed the initiative. The possibility to develop this model at EU level, including by EU financing support should be considered. CEPOL [the European Police College] involvement as soon as possible was encouraged."

See: Outcome of proceedings: Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI) (12745/18, 18 October 2018, pdf)

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