EU: EU position on the Global Compact on Migration advocates some of the worst features of its policies and actions

EU position on the Global Compact on Migration advocates some of the worst features of its policies and actions
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The Council of the European Union is negotiating its position on: HLWG/CONUN discussion of 15 June 2018 on the negotiations of the Global Compact on Migration - Chairs’ Summary (LIMITE doc no: 10636-18, pdf).

The Council position supports the "non-binding nature" of the draft Compact and:

"spells out in a more consistent and clear manner in the various objectives the distinction between regular and irregular migrants, especially in connection to access to social benefits and integration policies. Any language that might be interpreted as a
justification or pull factor for illegal migration should be avoided, including any commitment to the regularisation of irregular migrants as part of integration policies;

retains the explicit reference to States' obligation under international law to accept without condition the return and readmission of their nationals who do not have the right to stay in another State's territory and a political commitment to cooperate on readmission. In this context, the text should include both options of forced and voluntary returns carried out in full compliance with the principle of non-refoulement;

– clarifies that countries of origin have the primary responsibility for the readmission and reintegration of their nationals, without prejudice to the support that may be provided by returning States;

– encourages all States to carry out their border control responsibilities. In this context, the text should call for stronger references to the need for operational cooperation on border management between countries of origin, transit and destination, including for search and rescue operations;

On the last point "search and rescue" the EU current policies in the Med are colluding in the death of refugees by refusing to allow NGO boats to pick them out of the sea.

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