EU: Greece: Aegean Boat Report

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Greece: Aegean Boat Report
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Aegean Islands Annual Report 2017

The year 2017 is now history, and 2018 is just a few days old. The Refugee crisis is for many forgotten, old news, and some even think it’s over. The grim facts tells another story, bosts are still coming, and people are still dying in the attempt to reach safety in Europe.

The camps on the islands are overcrowded, people are suffering, because Europe don’t want to let them in. You have probably seen footage from Moria on Lesvos on the news, situation on Chios and Samos isn’t much better. People will again die in camps on the Greek islands this winter, living in summer tents, suffering from cold, under extremely poor living conditions.

A total of 730 boats reached the Greek islands in 2017, carrying 29.229 people.
When the new year started, 13.671 people was stuck in camps on the Greek islands.

A total of 292 boats made it to the Greek island of Lesvos in 2017, carrying 12.709 people. Official numbers on the islands when the year ended was 7.352 people.

In 2017 148 boats made it across from Turkey, with a total of 6655 people. Official numbers on Chios was 2005 people when 2017 ended.

In 2017 131 boats reached Samos, with a total of 5433 people. Official numbers on the island was 1805 people.

Other islands:
Islands like Kos, Rhodes, Tilos, Leros etc are covered in this summary. A total of 159 boats have made it to these islands, with a total of 4432 people in 2017. Official numbers on these islands was 1805 people when last year ended.

Unfortunately many people that tried to cross the Aegean to Greece didn’t make it.
The Turkey cost guard(TCG) and Turkey police stopped a total of 699 boats, carrying 29.651 people. So around 50% of the boats where stopped trying to cross.

TCG stoped 495 boats at sea, carrying 21.937 people. In 2016 TCG stoped 833 boats, carrying 38.130 people.

Turkey police stopped 204 boats on the starting point, carrying 7.714 people.

Total number on refugees living in Greece was in the end of 2017, 64.400 people, in the start of 2017, this number was not much different, 62.784 people.

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