EU: ECRIS-TCN trilogue discussions: four-column document and Council position on EP amendments

ECRIS-TCN trilogue discussions: four-column document and Council position on EP amendments
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Council of the European Union: ECRIS-TCN: Proposal for a Regulation establishing a centralised system for the identification of Member States holding conviction information on third country nationals and stateless persons (TCN) to supplement and support the European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS-TCN system) and amending Regulation (EU No 1077/2011 - Four column table with Presidency suggestions/comments (LIMITE doc no: 5505-18,104 pages, pdf): Four column document setting out: Commission proposal, European Parliament amendments, Council general approach and "compromise" position."

And see: Questions concerning the EP amendments (LIMITE doc no: 5730-18, pdf):

"In view of the first trilogue, which is scheduled for Wednesday 7 March, the Presidency (PRES) would like to obtain a view of the positions of the Member States on the EP amendments. PRES would also very much appreciate Member States bringing forward arguments that could be used during the negotiations.(...)

Issues for discussion

A. Exclusion of EU-nationals (AM 23 relating to Art. 3(g), and Art. 2a)
B. Fingerprints (AM 28 relating to Art. 5)
C. Use of the ECRIS-TCN system (AM 34 relating to Art. 7)
D. Implementing and delegated acts (AM 41-47 and AM 102 relating to Art. 10, 10a and 34a)
E. Time-limits (inter alia AM 30 relating to Art. 5(3); AM 36 relating to Art. 8(2); AM 37 relating to Art. 9(3); AM 38 relating to Art. 9(4); AM. 39 relating to Art. 10(1); AM 57 relating to Art. 13(3); AM 75 relating to Art. 23 (2); AM 78 relating to Art. 23(7); AM 83
relating to Art. 26(2); AM 86 relating to Art. 27(2); AM 88 relating to Art. 29(4); AM 99 relating to Art. 34 (4).

Member States who so wish are invited to comment on these EP amendments."
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