EU-Africa: European Parliament chief in Tunisia: Africa needs a 'Marshall Plan' to halt migration

European Parliament chief in Tunisia: Africa needs a 'Marshall Plan' to halt migration
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European Parliament president Antonio Tajani has recently been in Tunisia, where he called for the EU to finance a 'Marshall Plan' that would back development in Africa in order to prevent "thousands, and soon millions of people" travelling from and towards North Africa and eventually to Europe.

Tajani declared that such a plan should be financed by some 40 billion euros annually and said during a visit to Tunis:

"There is a need to try to understand why there are thousands, and soon millions of people that will leave their countries to come to yours or ours: climate change, desertification devouring agriculture, hunger, drought, war, poverty and demographic growth."

Tajani continued:

"Peace, stability and youth work. Principally in your country, to avoid the dream of finding work turning into a disappointment that pushes young people towards extremism or leaving the country. Both you and we must reduce youth unemployment. It is our priority."

Source: Tajani aboga en Túnez por un "plan Marshall" para África (Euroefe, link)

Terrorism was also high on Tajani's agenda. See: ‘EU should cooperate with Tunisia in fights against terrorism, illegal immigration’(Middle East Monitor, link):

"European Parliament Speaker Antonio Tajani yesterday proposed European police cooperate with Tunisia in the fields of fighting terrorism and illegal immigration.

Speaking at the Tunisian Parliament, Tajani said: “I have come to propose negotiations between the European police and Tunisia in the field of combating terrorism by the end of this year.”

“Tunisia has a special place and an important role in combating terrorism,” Tajani said, adding that “terrorism cannot be defeated without great cooperation with Tunisia, whose security is associated with Europe security.”"

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