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Links to documents

1. See for full background Statewatch's: Observatory on protests in the EU:

2. Conclusions on security at meetings of the European Council and comparable events:

3. See: Genoa 19-21 July 2001: An Italian view of "public order policing" Italian style:

4. Italy: Making sense of the Genoa G8 trials and aftermath (Statewatch analysis):

See also: EU plans to extend the Schengen Information System: and
The Enemy Within:

5. Gothenburg: Public order policing in Europe - policy backlash expected:

6. See Statewatch analysis: The Enemy Within:
Later in the autumn of 2001 the German government put forward a Proposal to create EU para-military police units to counter protests:

7. EU doc no: 9808/03

8.EU doc no: 15079/07:

9. Schengen Information System Article 99 report:

10. EU doc 7544/08:

11. EU doc no: 10916/01:

12. EU doc no: 9808/03:

13. EU doc no: 13815/03:

14. EU doc no: 8204/08:

15. Heiligendamm G8 Summit: a chronology of protest and repression (Statewatch report):

16. EU doc no: 9535/08

17. EU doc no: 15934/08

18. -

19. See: Statewatch feature: Vol 19 no 1

20. EU doc no 5450/09

21. EU doc no: 5153/09

22. This proposal was set out in an unlisted Room document: 2008-12-19/03.

23. EU doc no: 6009/09

24. EU doc no: 5450/1/09

25. EU doc no: 7423/09

26. EU doc no: 11176/09

27. EU doc no; 7557/09

28. EU doc no: 16613/1/08

29. EU doc no: 7558/09, 7558/09 REV1 and 7558/REV2

30. EU doc no: 7558/09. Standard Article 99 alerts include a recommendation, for the state getting a "hit" on the SIS, of "action to be taken".

31. Sky News: Tensions Rise At Nato Summit In Strasbourg, 4 April 2009.

32. Normally a "hit" is followed by a request for a detailed file from the originating state's SIRENE bureaux and "the subject of the alert must not be informed (or even notice) that he/she is in SIS."

33.EU doc no: 10147/09

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