EU: Counter-terrorism recommendations from 2006 declassified

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Counter-terrorism recommendations from 2006 declassified
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The Council of the EU has declassified in full a policy paper from 2006 containing recommendations for EU institutions and Member States on: Islamist extremism in prisons; the "influence of returning jihadists on European radicalisation and recruitment"; "terrorist movements and travel patterns"; "what deters terrorists?"; and the "terrorist threat to rail networks and underground systems."

The recommendations, produced by officials in the Council, were drafted with a view to inclusion in the EU's overarching counter-terrorism policy, at that time in its infancy. It is striking to see how, in some respects, very little has changed in over a decade at the level of policy concerns and proposals.

See: NOTE from: Presidency to: Article 36 Committee: Policy recommendations on counter-terrorism(8205/06, 6 April 2006, declassified 27 June 2017, pdf):

"On the basis of the Joint Situation Centre papers the Terrorism Working Group discussed what action was required. From that discussion the Presidency drafted a set of policy recommendations for future action. These recommendations were discussed in the TWG on 3/4 April 2006, where, following discussion and broad agreement, it was agreed that they would be sent to CATS. The policy recommendations are set out in the Annexes 1 to 5. Providing CATS can agree them, they will then be forwarded to Coreper and Council, to be integrated in due course into the EU Counter-Terrorism Action Plan."

See also: the declassified REV 2 (second revised version, 8205/2/06 REV 2, 18 May 2006, pdf) and a partially-declassified version from 2009 (pdf).

A REV 1 was also produced, preceding REV 2, but it has not yet been declassified.

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