The Bratislava Declaration - appeasing "extreme or populists" causes? (1)

EU: European Council meeting: The Bratislava Declaration and The Bratislava Roadmap (16.9.16, pdf):

In his "State of the Union" address Commission President Juncker said:

"“The recent terrible events in the Mediterranean have shown us that Europe needs to manage migration better, in all aspects. This is first of all a humanitarian imperative. I am convinced that we must work closely together in a spirit of solidarity.”

Since the beginning of 2015 the EU's response to the refugee crisis in the Med and inside the EU has patently lacked a "humanitarian imperative" and "solidarity".

Tony Bunyan, Statewatch Director, comments:

"The Declaration and Roadmap contain little new except to "deliver on promises". Nor are the problems new - migration, internal and external security and "economic and social development" particularly regarding youth (a problem created by sweeping austerity "reforms").

In response to "extreme or populists forces", which include a number of EU Member States, they promise to try and complete "Fortress Europe" by:

"Never to allow return to uncontrolled flows of last year and further bring down number of irregular migrants

Ensure full control of our external borders and get back to Schengen

Broaden EU consensus on long term migration policy and apply the principles of responsibility and solidarity"

And reach deals with non-EU states to "reduce flows of illegal migration and increased return rates"

The " principles of responsibility and solidarity" have patently failed so the EU answer is to concede to and appease "extreme or populists forces" arguments."


The Bratislava Declaration and The Bratislava Roadmap (16.9.16, pdf):

- Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the Bratislava summit (pdf): "Never to allow for the return of uncontrolled refugee flows of last year and to ensure full control of our external border to get back to Schengen. We are determined to continue our co-operation with Turkey and Western Balkans but also to establish migration compacts with African countries"

- STATE OF THE UNION 2016 by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission 14 September 2016 (pdf)


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