Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe 910-11 10.16


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 Greece: FORGOTTEN: Administratively detained irregular migrants and asylum seekers (pdf) and Summary (pdf):


"In the Hellenic Police Departments there are serious long-standing systemic problems:

• Lack of an individualized approach based on the characteristics, the situation and the needs of foreign nationals who are under arrest
• Lack of use of alternatives to detention 
• Systematic, unjustified detention of dubious legitimacy on the grounds of public order
• Detention of individuals whose removal violates the principle of non-refoulement
• Detention for a period longer than six months..." (and more)

 EU: ESI [European Stability Initiative]: Fire in the Aegean – Scenario of failure – How to succeed (pdf):

"ESI published an update on the state of implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement on refugees in the Aegean: what has worked, what has failed, and what is to be done: Pangloss in Brussels How (not) to implement the Aegean Agreement."

See also: On solid ground? Eleven facts about the EU-Turkey Agreement (pdf)

 Are You Syrious (10.10.16, link):

New routes from Turkey emerging

"It seems that new refugee routes are emerging. For the first time since EU/Turkey deal, people have landed on the island of Milos. According to official government reports, as of 8 o’clock in the morning 111 people have landed on the island, which had not seen a large influx of refugees before. Coupled with reports from Saturday that 131 people were rescued of the coast of the south Peloponnese, it seems that boats are now trying to reach the coast of Italy directly from Turkey, which is a long and dangerous journey."

160 new arrivals today

"As for today, 160 people in total arrived to the Greek islands from Turkish shores: 1 to Lesvos and 48 to Chios, in addition to aforementioned 111 to Milos. The total number of refugees in Greece is much the same as it was last week, with slight changes from Friday. In the camps, #Cherso has seen thr number of people dropping by 300, with 1567 people accounted for on Friday and only 1267 on Monday. #NeaKavala had the same net decrease of 300 people, from 1775 people on Friday to

1475 on Monday. The number of self-settled people increased from 7600 on Friday to 8450 on Monday, a net increase 850 people.

In the week of October 3–8, 678 people arrived on the islands, a daily average of 93. The daily average for the month of September was 98.3 arrivals daily, showing a slight decrease. The specific totals for this week’s arrivals are as follows:

Lesvos: 104, Chios: 378, Samos: 325, Leros: 4, Kos: 9, Kalymnos: 17."

Spain: Spanish route still active? 100 people rescued on Saturday

We rarely report from Spain’s borders, but that does not mean that this long-standing migrant route is any less lively than the more well known ones. As reported by The Local Es, more than 100 African migrants were saved from the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain on Saturday after attempting the perilous crossing to Europe on a rickety boat. Rescuers transported 56 people from Sub-Saharan Africa to Malaga, a spokeswoman said, while 32 other Africans, including 17 women, were taken to the port of Motril, 100 kilometers (60 miles) further east. Sixteen other migrants, originally from North Africa, were taken to Cartagena, 400 kilometers northeast of Malaga.

For a video of the rescue follow this link."

 Greek police stop 18 Syrian refugees trying to enter Albania (, link):

"Police in northern Greece say they have arrested two Greek women suspected of trying to smuggle a group of Syrian refugees over the rugged border with Albania.

The suspects were discovered early Tuesday, driving two cars carrying a total of 18 Syrians, including six children, to the border in the northern Kastoria region.

Police said the refugees had been planning to continue their journey from Albania toward an unspecified northern European country.

About 60,000 refugees and other migrants have been trapped in Greece following a series of Balkan border closures earlier this year. All entered from Turkey, and had initially planned to transit the financially struggling country on their way to Europe’s prosperous heartland."

 Luxembourg PM proposes EU border lock-down (euobserver, link):

"Luxembourg prime minister Xavier Bettel has said EU states should lock down Schengen borders for 24 hours to show people the benefits of EU membership. "Shutting the frontiers for a day would show people what it means to wait two hours to get into Italy or Spain", he said Monday, "

 Calais crisis: Migrant killed in accident with UK driver (BBC News, link):

"An Eritrean migrant died and his wife was injured in an accident involving a British car driver on a motorway near the French port of Calais.

The pair were knocked down on an interchange where dozens of migrants were reportedly trying to climb on to lorries."

 Hungarian constitution to ban relocation of migrants (euractiv, link):

"Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orbán yesterday (10 October) proposed constitutional changes aimed at banning the mass relocation of migrants, after voters backed his rejection of an EU refugee quota plan in a recent referendum."

 Merkel announces Niger aid package to stem migrant flow during Africa trip (euractiv, link):

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday (10 October) announced a €27 million aid package for Niger, her second stop in a three-nation Africa tour aimed at fighting terrorism and stemming the migrant influx to Europe.

The German leader said the army of the arid west African country, one of the world’s poorest, would receive €10 million worth of equipment next year.

Germany will also build a military base to back up the UN mission in neighbouring Mali, the first country she had visited on the whirlwind African tour."

 Report: Cricket on Samos (link)

"Since the beginning of August 2016 there have been regular cricket matches between a team drawn from Kashmiri refugees and a team of Pakistani refugees. They play two limited over matches (12 overs per innings) on the astro turf (football pitch) at the Vathi Stadium on Tuesday and Friday mornings starting at 9.30am and finishing at 1pm..... 

"So many of our conversations with these refugees are identical to those we have with many Greek friends who along with other 200,000 young people have left Greece over the past four years in search of a life not possible in this now stricken society. It is also worth noting that in a recent survey of those leaving Greece 40% gave corruption as a major factor in their decision, which is much the same as we hear from those who come from Pakistan, Morocco and Algeria. However that is where the similarities stop. Giannis and Maria can travel like human beings in search of their futures, but Fatima and Mohammed travel with no dignity and often in danger to end up in places like the Samos Camp. Of course they ask why? But do those born in the right places ever ask why too?"

 Greece: Refugee children start lessons at schools across the country (, link):

"Some 1,500 child refugees are to start lessons at Greek schools on Monday afternoon.

The lessons are to be held from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 20 schools with another 20,000 refugee children to be inducted into classes at other schools in due course."

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