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 Council of the European Union: From: Greek Delegation; Temporary entry/exit of persons into/from the Greek territory (LIMITE doc no: 10008-26, pdf):


"temporary entry/exit of persons into/from the Greek territory via the sea ports of Kalymnos (ÊÜëõìíïò), Petra (ÐÝôñá), Lesbos (ËÝóâïò), Agia Marina/Leros (ÁãßáÌáñßíá/ËÝñïò) and Karlovasi/Samos (Êáñëüâáóé/ÓÜìïò) and the airports of Karpathos (ÊÜñðáèïò) and Chios (×ßïò) accordingly by the date of its entry into force (17.05.2016) until the 31st of October 2016.

We therefore wish to inform you that according to the aforementioned Decision, the relevant checks at the sea ports of Kalymnos (ÊÜëõìíïò), Petra (ÐÝôñá), Lesbos (ËÝóâïò), Agia Marina/Leros (Áãßá Ìáñßíá/ËÝñïò) and Karlovasi/Samos (Êáñëüâáóé/ÓÜìïò) will be conducted under the full responsibility of the Police Departments of Kalymnos (ÊÜëõìíïò), Kalloni (ÊáëëïíÞ), Leros (ËÝñïò) and Karlovasi/Samos (Êáñëüâáóé/ÓÜìïò). With reference now to the airports of Karpathos and Chios, the relevant Police Department of Karpathos and the Security Subdivision of Chios aretasked to carry out those checks." [emphasis added]

 France: Passeurs d'hospitalités – Exiles in Calais and at the British border (link): Calais Jungle : July census:

"The census carried out in early July by the associations Help Refugees and Auberge des Migrants (see here and here) shows that increasing the number of migrants in Calais continues at the same pace despite Ramadan: 7037 people including the structures set up by the state (containers camp andwomen and children shelter at the center Jules Ferry), 5307 people in the Jungle alone. The main nationalities are Afghans (38%) and Sudaneses (32%). We can foresee 10,000 people in September.

The issue of children keeps all its acuteness: they are 761, including 608 unaccompanied. This shows yet again the derisory nature of the measures that the state and the county timidly begin to put in place under pressure (see here and here)."

 Are You Syrious (link)

Xanthi and Paranthesti

"According to reports from Beyond Europe, two protests were organized at closed camps today?—?Xanthi and Paranthesti. Both protests were organized similarly, with delegations of lawyers and doctors requesting access in order to check on the conditions of the camp. In Xanthi, the delegation was refused and pushed back. The crowd pushed back, breaking through some of the walls, to which the police responded with batons and tear gas. At Paranthesti, the protests went much more smoothly as the delegation was given access, although journalists were barred."

Malakasa: Desperate situation reaches critical mass in Malakasa

"A volunteer delegation reports truly disturbing conditions at a camp in Malakasa. Nearly one thousand people, mostly Afghan, languish in what is basically captivity, slowly burning under the merciless Greek sun. Water supplies are limited, medical care even moreso, and this combination with limited waste facilities makes for a potentially disastrous situation. Refugees are pitted against one another as interpreters are given special privileges which are sometimes abused. The lack of any psychosocial care and any legal aid only further intensifies already desperate and at-risk minds. As a result, domestic violence is rampant."

CROATIA: Possibly 1,700 refugees may be imminently pushed back to Croatia

"Citing the re-establishment of the Dublin regulation, Croatian NGO The Welcome Initiative warns that up to 1700 refugees may be pushed back to Croatia from Austria. The group has released a comprehensive statement including that “These are refugees who came to Austria via the so-called Balkan refugee route. Although the information about their return to Croatia is two weeks old, Austrian organization Interkulturelles Zentrum and the Welcome Initiative stress that there has been no official reaction to the announcement of their arrival, let alone any plan how they will be accommodated, taken care of and integrated.” All that can be done is to watch and wait."

HUNGARY: New billboards repeat old talking points in campaign about Hungarian refugee referendum

"Hungarians will vote on October 2nd on the question: “Do you want the European Union to be entitled to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of parliament?”"

 Ireland: Report calls for 'immediate improvements' in asylum seeker supports (Utv Ireland, link)

"A new report by the Irish Refugee Council has called for immediate improvements in the supports given to asylum seekers...

The report highlighted the loneliness and frustration of many asylum seekers in Direct Provision centres and is recommending that settlement grants be introduced to help those who've been processed to help them to rebuild their lives.

It found many reception centres lack basic facilities, like self-catering kitchens, leaving many people to become insitutionalised and suffering mental health difficulties."

See report: Transition from Direct Provision to life in the community: The experiences of those who have been granted refugee status, subsidiary protection or leave to remain in Ireland (pdf, link)

News (21.7.16)

Greece moves Turks seeking asylum further inland (, link): "Authorities in northern Greece say eight Turkish military officers seeking asylum here after Turkey’s failed coup attempt have been moved to a different police detention site for security reasons. The officers flew to neighboring Greece in a military helicopter in the wake of Friday's deadly coup attempt, triggering demands for their return from Ankara.... The helicopter has already been returned to Turkey.".

Libya-Italy: MSF ship recovers 22 bodies in Mediterranean - Medical-aid association saves 209 asylum seeker (ANSA, link): "The Acquarius rescue ship run by medical-aid association Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) recovered 22 bodies after saving 209 asylum seekers in the southern Mediterranean near the Libyan coast, ANSA sources said Thursday. The ship rescued two boats that had run into difficulty and is expected to arrive in the Sicilian port of Trapani on Friday. The sources said that 21 of the victims were women."

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