EU: Securing the high seas: Maritime Security Strategy progress report

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A recent joint report by the European Commission and the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy provides an overview of progress made in implementing the EU's Maritime Security Strategy, adopted in 2014 and supposed to ensure:

"effective and cost-efficient responses to the protection of the maritime domain, including borders, ports and offshore installations, in order to secure sea borne trade, address potential threats from unlawful and illicit activities at sea, as well as to make optimal use of the sea’s potential for growth and jobs, whilst safeguarding the marine environment."

See the progress report: European Commission and High Representative, JOINT STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT On the implementation of the EU Maritime Security Strategy Action Plan (SWD (2016) 217 final, 22 June 2016, pdf)

It is concerned with progress made in implementing the Action Plan on the Maritime Security Strategy (17002/14, 16 December 2014, pdf), which followed the European Union Maritime Security Strategy (11205/14, 24 June 2014, pdf)

The progress report notes:

"The EU Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS) Action Plan (hereafter the EUMSS Action Plan) was developed to deliver cross-sectorial actions in a comprehensive and coordinated manner, mainstreaming maritime security into EU policies, strategies and instruments. Following its adoption in 2014, Member States were asked to report on the implementation process at national level. The majority of Member States have done so, contributing to the assessment of the work developed in the maritime security domain and offering guidance on the way ahead. All in all, national reports provided by the Member States and progress at EU level demonstrates that the implementation of the Action plan is progressing well and that some actions are considered as completed."

There seems to be significant interest in the CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment Initiative), which is supposed to join up all maritime surveillance systems operated by EU and national agencies - for example EUROSUR, maritime safety systems, fisheries monitoring systems, military surveillance tools and beyond. For background, see: EU: Data adrift on the high seas: work continues on connecting maritime surveillance systems (Statewatch News Online, August 2014)

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