UK: Home Affairs Select Committee report: Radicalisation: the counter-narrative and identifying the tipping point

"In this report we have focused on extremism which affects Muslim communities (while recognising the differences between those communities in terms of integration, segregation and urban or rural status), and arising from the activities of terrorist organisations such as Daesh. We share the concerns about other forms of extremism, including political extremism. We are currently conducting a separate inquiry into anti-semitism. We have also issued a call for evidence on the effectiveness of current legislation and law enforcement policies for preventing and prosecuting hate crime and its associated violence; and the extent of support that is available to victims and their families and how it might be improved....

The Director General of Border Force has assured us that the UK has one of the strongest borders in the world and additional measures have been put in place since the horrific attacks in Paris in November 2015. However, we are not convinced that border exit checks operate at the 100% level which the Home Office has set, which would mean that every person leaving the country by whatever mode of transport was checked."

See the full text: Radicalisation: the counter-narrative and identifying the tipping point (pdf)

And see the article: MPs say Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 'consciously failing' to tackle extremism - Action to date by social media companies to remove Isis propaganda and hate speech described as ‘drop in the ocean’ (Guardian, link)


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