Statistics: implementing the EU-Turkey deal: "boots on the ground" 8.4.16

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Thousands of state officials from across Europe are supposed to be sent to Greece to help implement the EU-Turkey deal on refugees and migrants. This page gathers the statistics made available by the Commission on the process.


The numbers "pledged" are those offered by Member States, the requesting institution is the European Asylum Support Office or Frontex, as indicated.

6 April 2016: Member States remain either far less keen or far less able to provide interpreters, while the number of asylum officials requested for the operation has increased from 400 to 472. Amnesty International reported that during their visits on the 5 and 6 April, the VIAL detention centre in Moria had one asylum case worker.

European Asylum Support Office


6 April: 46 pledged of 400 requested (11.5%)
4 April: 32 pledged of 400 requested (8%)

Asylum officials

6 April: 414 pledged of 472 requested (87.7%)
4 April: 404 pledged of 400 requested (101%)

Judicial officials

6 April: 37 pledged of 30 requested (123.3%)
4 April: 36 pledged of 30 requested (120%)


Readmission experts

6 April: 57 pledged of 50 requested (114%)
4 April: 44 pledged of 50 requested (88%)

Escort officers

6 April: 724 pledged of 1,500 requested (48.3%)
4 April: 702 pledged of 1,500 requested (46.8%)

Commission papers

Pledges (or not) of individual Member States can be seen in the Commission documents: Operational implementation of the EU-Turkey Agreement (pdfs):

6 April
4 April

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