Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (18 news stories: 14-15.11.15)

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- News (14-15.11.15)

Bavarian allies pressure Merkel to reverse refugee policy (Reuters, link)

Guardian: Live coverage: "Holder of Syrian passport found near gunman sought asylum in Serbia. Serbia’s interior ministry has said the holder of the Syrian passport found at the scene of the Paris attack crossed into Serbia on 7 October and claimed asylum there, Reuters reports. The Syrian passport is also said to have been used to register on the Greek island of Leros in October.The legitimacy of the passport has not been verified, and it is not known whether the same person who used it to pass through Greece was the person who was involved in the Paris attacks." and: Holder of Syrian passport found in Paris attack sought asylum in Serbia (, link)

Egyptian passport found at Paris stadium belongs to critically injured victim, not suspect: Ambassador (, link): "Egyptian national Waleed Abdel-Razzak was found severely injured following bombings outside Stade De France"

Paris attacks give EU leaders excuse to get tough on refugees (euractiv, link): "A Reuters report, of a Syrian passport found near the body of one of the gunmen who died in Friday night's attacks, may change attitudes towards migrants across Europe.... " and Poland won’t relocate migrants after Paris attacks (euractiv, link)

G20 to discuss threat of Isis infiltrators among EU migrants after Paris attacks (Guardian, link): "Fears of Isis capability to bring terror to western cities loom over talks after it emerged one attacker had a Syrian passport flagged as arriving in Greece."

Two refugee children die in Greece in separate incidents (, link)

Paris attacks: European leaders link terror threats to immigration (Guardian, link): "German chancellor Angela Merkel likely to come under fire for policy of openness towards refugees after Syrian passport found at scene of attack."

Europe's populist right targets migration after Paris attacks (Reuters, link): "Populist leaders around Europe rushed to demand an end to an influx of refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa on Saturday after a wave of deadly attacks in Paris claimed by Islamic State militants.The carnage in the French capital, directly linked to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, seemed bound to further complicate the European Union's task in sharing out hundreds of thousands of migrants who have entered the bloc this year, fleeing war and poverty. Poland's designated Europe minister said Warsaw could not take in refugees under an EU quota system after Friday's wave of attacks on restaurants, a concert hall and a soccer stadium in Paris, in which 127 people died and some 200 were injured."

Austria approves fence on Slovenian border (euractiv, link): "The Austrian government has, at the last hour, approved a control system on its border with Slovenia that will actually include a fence. EurActiv Germany reports.... Now, a short fence on the Austria-Slovenia border will be built; a measure that the leaders and citizens of the most-affected regions have long called for. It is intended to help regulate the flow of refugees and register them more efficiently. At the same time, Vienna has avoided shutting itself off completely, like Hungary has done in the past few months"

Greece warns EU to hold Turkey to account on refugee crisis ( "Greece has warned the European Union to obtain specific commitments from Turkey ahead of putting together a 3-billion-euro fund for Ankara to help tackle the refugee crisis. The key role of Turkey in the process of stemming the flow of refugees and migrants was discussed on Friday during the second and last day of a summit in Malta. According to sources, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed to his EU counterparts that Brussels has to make it clear what it will be getting in return for providing Turkey with emergency funding and assistance."

PM: Norway will not pursue border controls (The, link): "Norway is not considering following Sweden and imposing temporary border controls, the country’s prime minister said on Thursday, as parliamentary leaders met to discuss proposals to deal with the refugee crisis."

EU to hold summit on migrants with Turkish president, offers Turkey 3 bln euros for migrants (Daily Star, link)

People-smuggling: the trade with refugees in Bulgaria (DW, link): "More and more refugees are trying to reach the West via Bulgaria. The people-smuggling trade is flourishing along the dangerous route to the West - and border guards are sometimes involved in the illegal business."

Paris attack puts terrorism centre-stage as world leaders meet in Turkey (Reuters, link)

Denmark to erect tents, shorten refugee permits (The, link): "The Danish government on Friday announced a package of 34 initiatives designed to bring down the number of refugees."

Greece: Some 3,300 people a day still arriving on Lesvos (UNHCR, link): "The number of refugees and migrants arriving on Lesvos continues to be high, at an average of 3,300 people per day so far in November … With winter approaching, reception conditions and capacity there remain overstretched and inadequate," UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards told a press briefing in Geneva."

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