Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (17 news stories and documents: 21-22.11.15)

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- Greek Crewman Accused of Sinking Syrian Refugee Boat (Sputnik: Video, link):

"Refugees with kids fleeing from Syria have been caught on the Aegean Sea on their way to Europe by Greek coastguard crewmen who reportedly tried to pierce their rubber boat... An "armed masked man" whose identity remains unidentified is seen multiple times disabling vessels with refugees and towing them back to Turkey... The Greek coastguard left the scene just after the boat started to sink, so it was left to the Turkish boat to take drowning refugees on board and take them back to the Turkish city of Didim".

- EU: European Parliament: Briefing: Fingerprinting migrants: Eurodac Regulation (pdf)

European Commission refuses to uphold rule of law (euobserver, link):

"Back in July, the parliament asked the commission to activate the rule of law ‘framework’ in relation to Hungary. The commission’s reply, sent to MEPs on 12 November, is bound to taste bitter.... The EU’s only available tool,
Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union, had already proved unworkable because it cannot be used without the consent of national governments, which are reluctant to target each other with sanctions...."

- News (23-24.11.15)

Stranded migrants block railway, call hunger strike (, link): "Moroccans, Iranians and Pakistanis on Greece’s northern border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) blocked rail traffic and demanded passage to western Europe on Monday, stranded by a policy of filtering migrants in the Balkans that has raised human rights concerns. One Iranian man, declaring a hunger strike, stripped to the waist, sewed his lips together with nylon and sat down in front of lines of FYROM riot police."

Makeshift mosque attacked on Crete (, link): "A house believed to be a makeshift mosque in the Cretan city of Iraklio was the target of a failed bomb attack on Monday, police said."

Hampered by new border controls, migrants make case for asylum (DW, link): "As Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans pass through Balkan states, asylum-seekers from other nations remain stuck in Greece and protest against new border controls. Diego Cupolo reports from Idomeni refugee camp."

German media report suggests a 'winter upsurge in refugee numbers' (DW, link): "The German government's forecast of falling migrant numbers during the winter might be flawed, according to a German media report. Various factors could cause an upsurge in the number of people seeking refuge."

This Greek Artist in New York is Trying to Make People Think About the Refugee Crisis in Europe (Greek Reporter, link)

Conditions worsen for refugees stranded at Balkan borders (euractiv, link): "New border controls in the Western Balkans are leaving refugees stranded behind barbed wire as temperatures start to plunge, and aid agencies warned that the clampdown would lead to a rise in smuggling. Countries along the Balkan route taken by hundreds of thousands of refugees seeking refuge in Western Europe last week began filtering the flow, granting passage only to those fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The move has stranded a growing number of Iranians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and other nationalities from Asia and Africa."

EU needs US-type refugee screening (euobserver, link)

Migrants Protest After Macedonia Shuts Them Out (Balkan Insight, link): "Hundreds of migrants have been protesting for several days at Macedonia’s southern border with Greece against Skopje’s decision only to allow them to transit the country if they come from war-torn states."

One of 15 missing in Bodrum boat capsizing found dead (Hurriyet, link): "One of the 15 migrants reported missing after a boat capsized off the Aegean resort town of Bodrum has been found dead... Meanwhile, Turkey has stepped up efforts to enforce stricter border patrols near its northwestern borders to prevent illegal migrant crossings into European countries."

Visiting the Calais camps made us ashamed to be British (The Independent, link): "We have recently returned from the ‘jungle’ in Calais where we have been working in a warehouse preparing winter shelters for the occupants of the camp. We went there to join our elder daughter and 4 fellow students from the University of Aalborg."

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